European trade lobby urges restart of FTA talks

31-Mar-2015The Nation The European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC) is calling for an early resumption of talks on a Thailand-European Union free-trade agreement, arguing that there is no need to wait for the return of democracy.

Key issues

Company vs country

31-Mar-2015 BBCResistance is mounting against the booming and lucrative business of multinational companies suing governments.

Texts of agreements

26-Mar-2015  | TPP - draft investment chapter (2015) Text of 20 Jan 2015 as released by WikiLeaks
24-Mar-2015  | India draft model BIT (2015) Open for comment until 10 April 2015.
10-Mar-2015  | TiSA: EU negotiating mandate (2013) As published by the European Council on 10 March 2015


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