ALE Maroc-CEMAC : Le Congo veut faire cavalier seul

26-Nov-2015Les Eco Les officiels congolais veulent un accord bilatéral précédant un ALE avec l’ensemble de la communauté des pays de l’Afrique centrale.

Key issues

Thai government lifts total ban on arbitration clauses in state contracts

26-Nov-2015 LexologyA recent Thai Cabinet resolution relaxes the restriction on arbitration clauses in some public contracts.

Texts of agreements

18-Nov-2015  | Japan-Mongolia FTA (2015)
18-Nov-2015  | EU-Singapore FTA (2015) Authentic text as of May 2015
30-Oct-2015  | EU-SADC EPA (2015) Text agreed to July 2014, the tariffs in October 2015, to be signed May 2016.


26-Nov-2015  The Trans­Pacific Partnership
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23-Nov-2015  Uruguay: governing coalition rejects TISA’s negotiations
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9-Oct-2015  Tentative U.S.-Vietnam ’consistency plan’ links tariff benefits to labor compliance
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