¡Guerra comercial con Panamá¡

25-Aug-2016 El meollo de este asunto es la disputa comercial instaurada por Panamá contra los aranceles mixtos establecidos por Colombia para prevenir la subfacturación de importaciones y desincentivar las operaciones de comercio ilícito.

Key issues

Bilateral investment pacts haven’t worked

25-Aug-2016 The Hindu BusinesslineReform of the international investment agreement regime has swept many countries, including Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, India and the EU, writes the Secretary-General of CUTS. What are the reasons for the growing scepticism? What lies ahead?

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20-Aug-2016  Nigeria to lose $1.3trn by 2026 to EPA arrangement – Report
admin: Yes, we have also attached it to the article now.
18-Aug-2016  Three more reasons why we need to stop CETA
DIDIER Pierre: foreign corporations to sue governments for pretty much anything they don’t like: false: the text is very clear that grounds for appeal are very
18-Aug-2016  Nigeria to lose $1.3trn by 2026 to EPA arrangement – Report
Evert-Jan: Can you share the hyperlink to the report? Is it publicly available?