Macri dialoga con comisaria europea sobre reforzar lazos entre UE y Mercosur

9-Dec-2016EurActiv El presidente argentino, Mauricio Macri, recibió a la comisaria europea Elzbieta Bienkowska en un "encuentro protocolar" en el que dialogaron sobre la posibilidad de reforzar los lazos entre la Unión Europea (UE) y el Mercosur.

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Key issues

First season in Switzerland without occupation tomatoes?

9-Dec-2016 WSRWFrom this winter on, Swiss supermarkets will probably, for the first time, no longer sell tomatoes from occupied Western Sahara.

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Texts of agreements

28-Nov-2016  | TiSA - draft annex on electronic commerce (September 2016) As leaked by Greenpeace
28-Nov-2016  | TiSA - draft annex on state-owned enterprises (September 2016) As leaked by Greenpeace
28-Nov-2016  | TiSA - draft annex on professional services (September 2016) As leaked by Greenpeace
28-Nov-2016  | TiSA - draft annex on transparency services (September 2016) As leaked by Greenpeace


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