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L’UE songe à réévaluer sa relation avec Israël | 8-October-2014

L’Union européenne menace implicitement mais de manière déterminée de réexaminer ses liens bilatéraux avec Israël si le gouvernement de Netanyahu ne s’implique pas dans une solution à deux Etats et continue de mettre en œuvre sa politique actuelle qui est d’autoriser les constructions au-delà des lignes antérieures à 1967.

Six years after JPEPA: PHL the world’s toxic waste dump site? | 8-October-2014

Six years after the controversial Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) was signed, Philippines may be becoming the world’s dump site for toxic waste.

Myanmar and Israel sign an agreement to cement bilateral trade | 8-October-2014

Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar Hagay M Behar and DICA director general Aung Naing signed a reciprocal promotion and protection of investments agreement in Yangon yesterday.

’Plan B’ needed for EU-US trade pact - Italian minister | 8-October-2014

Italy said on Wednesday there needed to be a "plan B" that foresees a partial EU-US trade deal in order to sidestep deadlock over specific issues.

Panamá: Aprueban en tercer y último debate TLC con México | 8-October-2014

La Asamblea Nacional (AN) de Panamá aprobó en tercer y último debate el tratado de libre comercio con México, cuya entrada en vigor es indispensable para el ingreso del país centroamericano a la Alianza del Pacífico.

La UE amenazó a Ecuador con eliminar ayudas al desarrollo si no aceptaba el libre comercio | 8-October-2014

Mensajes confidenciales entre el embajador ecuatoriano ante la UE y los ministros de Correa desvelan la posición de Bruselas para provocar cambios en la Constitución y privatizaciones. "Ecuador no tiene alternativa a la adhesión al TLC. O quedaría aislado", advirtió el jefe de Negociaciones de la Comisión Europea según el relato de esta documentación oficial.

Colombia: Los TLC deben ser renegociados | 8-October-2014

Por considerar que la agricultura del país no tiene ninguna posibilidad frente a los TLC firmados por el Gobierno, el Congreso de Dignidad Agropecuaria Colombiana estimó que esos acuerdos comerciales se deben renegociar. Igualmente dieron a conocer que se opondrán a otros que se pretendan firmar.

Canada braces for EU trade pact dispute with Germany | 8-October-2014

Canada is bracing for a dispute with Germany over whether its newly-agreed free trade pact with the European Union should be re-opened to erase arbitration clauses.

CETA and climate change: Why the new Euro-Canada treaty is a gift to oil firms | 8-October-2014

Short of an international treaty banning all government regulations outright, CETA gives the oil and gas industry virtually everything it has been asking for, for decades.

Critical China free trade agreement based on what? | 8-October-2014

How can the government of Australia evaluate gains to agriculture from a China free trade agreement if it uses flawed statistical calculations?

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  • Comments
    “But, WILL CHINA SUPPORT PUTIN (BRICS, et al); The WHITE KNIGHT”? Re; TPP. | 31-October-2014
    David E.H. Smith: TPP, CETA, C-CIT SHAREHOLDERS & NON Shareholders AWAIT SUPREME COURT of CANADA'S, et al, FINDINGS, et al to PROCEED. It will be good for, not only the NON shareholders of the enterprises that will be generated by the on-going global "c ...
    Dairy farmers hope new Chinese free trade agreement will boost export market growth | 31-October-2014
    Me: Adult humans do not need cow's milk any more than they need goat's milk, wolf's milk, camel's milk, giraffe's milk. Unweaned infants do remarkably better on their own mother's breast milk which is what our species was i ...
    Anti-TTIP Front (Malta) condemns government for supporting free trade proposal | 30-October-2014
    NonMerci: La mobilisation contre le Traité Transatlantique : bientôt un raz de marée ? Avec l'INITIATIVE auto-organisée DE CITOYENS EUROPEENS L'ICE a été rejetée par Bruxelles Mais une ICE auto-organisée est e ...
    No podemos consentirlo | 28-October-2014
    Pilar: La información a los pueblos es básica e importante, para que tomemos conciencia del problema que nos acecha al mundo, y a los más desfavorecidos. Anunciarlo por todos los medios posibles, concienciando a todos de lo que nos viene enc ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 27-October-2014
    gloria estrada: sorry for my thinking ! but what the is monsanto doing where thay don't belong? see! this is the kind of dirty buseness that creats wars, if they can't sell you their garbage! they'll make it hard for you to live! this is the evil tha ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 26-October-2014
    jen: They are making a profit. The CEO made 11,000,000 in 2009 alone. Maybe they need to make a little less profit by not picking on the little guys.
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 26-October-2014
    Karen: Maybe I'm missing something here, but surely the restriction on saving seeds only applies to specific seed varieties developed by Monsanto? So if farmers want to continue using and saving their traditional seed varieties, there wouldn't be ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 26-October-2014
    : We should all object directly to the CEO: