India seeks fresh treaties with 47 nations

30-May-2016The Economic Times India has written to 47 countries to nullify the existing bilateral investment agreements and ink fresh treaties that will make it mandatory for foreign investors to exhaust local judicial remedies before seeking arbitration.

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Key issues Uncovering the secrets of the investment treaty universe

27-May-2016 IISDThe IIA universe remains full of surprises. The examples presented here are just some of the otherwise hidden consistency trends we came across during our research.

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Texts of agreements

25-May-2016  | TiSA - draft annexes (2015) As leaked by Wikileaks on 25 May 2016
4-May-2016  | UE-Tunisie (ALECA) - textes initiaux (avril 2016) Publié par la Commission européenne
3-May-2016  | EU-US FTA (TTIP) - draft text (April 2016) As leaked by Greenpeace
22-Apr-2016  | RCEP - draft investment chapter (October 2015) As leaked by KEI


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