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Kenya flowers at crossroads | 14-July-2014

Industry players fear that the more than 120,000 tonnes of fresh cut flowers exported to EU from Kenya every year could face taxes of between eight and 12% if the EPA is not signed and ratified in three months’ time.

India, EU free-trade talks stall despite 49% FDI in insurance | 14-July-2014

Talks between India and the European Union for a free-trade agreement are unlikely to take off any time soon, even though the new government has met a key EU demand by raising the ceiling for foreign direct investment in insurance companies to 49%.

China-US: Timetable laid out for investment treaty talks | 13-July-2014

The two-day high-level dialogue between China and the United States has led to a timetable for talks on a bilateral investment treaty

Commission publishes state of play of TTIP negotiations ahead of the 6th round of the negotiations | 12-July-2014

The European Commission has published a "state of play" of the US-EU trade negotiations ahead of the 6th round of talks scheduled to take place in Brussels on 14-18 July 2014.

Acuerdos comerciales recargados | 11-July-2014

El “acuerdo de libre comercio” ha ido mucho más allá de las condiciones de importación y exportación de mercancías, y ha penetrado profundamente en la estructura de la economía doméstica, en especial en la forma en que se permite o no que las empresas locales se beneficien de las políticas gubernamentales, y cómo el gobierno dirige su negocio.

Ecuador: Acuerdo con la Unión Europea ¿Una capitulación inevitable? | 11-July-2014

Que las cuestiones económicas se definen o están determinadas por relaciones de poder es quizá más evidente cuando se trata de los asuntos internacionales, de la geoeconomía. En estos días, cuando se ha presentado como ineludible la firma de un Acuerdo Comercial con la Unión Europea, sentimos el peso específico de esos poderes.

ECOWAS leaders approve Economic Partnership Agreement with EU | 11-July-2014

The Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government have approved the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.

Pending Colombia-UK investment pact ‘undermines democracy and peace prospects’ | 11-July-2014

The United Kingdom’s Parliament was expected to ratify an international investment treaty with Colombia Thursday that critics claim jeopardizes Colombian reform attempts and the future of the South American nation’s ongoing peace process with the FARC rebel group, reported the The Guardian newspaper.

La Colombie et la France signent un accord d’investissement | 11-July-2014

La Colombie et la France ont signé un accord d’investissement jeudi en vue d’encourager les entreprises françaises à investir dans ce pays d’Amérique du Sud.

Corea del Sur y China celebrarán 12ª ronda de negociaciones de TLC la próxima semana | 10-July-2014

Corea del Sur y China tienen programado celebrar la próxima semana la 12ª ronda de negociaciones sobre un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) bilateral después de que los líderes de ambos países acordaran la semana pasada finalizar las negociaciones antes del fin de este año, informó este jueves el Ministerio de Comercio de Seúl.

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    What you should know about the unusual Jpepa | 6-July-2014
    edd nieva: In manufacturing companies using imported materials from japan from different local suppliers, what are the provision in Jpepa in paying taxes. We belong to automotive companies and one of our local supplier with Japanese material content already lo ...
    TTIP won’t let big banks wriggle out of regulations, EU negotiators insist | 3-July-2014
    margsview: All indications are that is exactly what the European Commission wants and will do (restrict negotiations between European and US financial entities to the exclusion of others). Then the lower international standards of regulations will allow the US ...
    Ukraine signs trade agreement with EU, draws Russian threat | 30-June-2014
    Andre: It is an excellent agreement that could serve as a model for better trade deals.
    EU and US insurers support including financial services market access and regulatory cooperation in TTIP | 30-June-2014
    Andre: After the outrageous BNP Paribas case of US extraterritorial enforcement of sanctions against third nations and the prosecution of European banks for the suprime mortgage regulatory failure on the US side there is really no credible base for that. A ...
    TTIP: le Luxembourg veillera au grain | 25-June-2014
    NonMerci: Luxembourg : Les députés de la Chambre vont débattre du Traité Transatlantique le 11 juillet — -> ...
    African countries feel cornered in EU trade negotiations | 7-June-2014
    none: African regional integration is obstructed by protectionist nationalist zero-sum stances between African countries themselves - not by EPA requirements. EU is not forcing anything on these countries - they are free to not conclude any FTAs with the ...
    Le Grand Traité Transatlantique (#TAFTA) expliqué aux nuls | 5-June-2014
    L’Indigné du Canapé: Bonjour @bilaterals ! Merci d'avoir relayé mon article sur votre site/agrégateur. J'espère qu'il a plu ! Néanmoins, j'aurais bien aimé voir citer le nom de mon blog sur votre site. En effet, Agoravox est ...
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    Marcin: Thank you for this excellent article.
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