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Fiji will ratify interim EPA with the European Union | 16-July-2014

Fiji’s done a back-flip and said yes to an interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.

Vietnam has trouble escaping dependence on China through FTAs | 16-July-2014

A host of pending trade agreements could help Vietnam reduce its heavy economic reliance on China, but won’t unless the country takes bold and difficult steps toward developing alternative supply chains and aggressively building up a domestic base range of fabric and component part manufacturers, economists said.

Los ’lobbies’ dominaron el 92% de las reuniones preparatorias de la alianza comercial UE-EEUU | 15-July-2014

El Tratado de Libre Comercio que Bruselas y Washington negocian con sigilo sigue su avance aparentemente inexorable, impulsado por las fuerzas conservadoras, liberales y socialistas que dominan la Eurocámara, pero también por el enorme interés de las multinacionales a ambos lados del Atlántico de acabar con las barreras normativas y las de por sí escasas barreras arancelarias para el comercio entre EEUU y la UE.

¿Por qué Uruguay solicitó integrarse al Trade in Services Agreement? | 15-July-2014

El 2 de mayo la Agencia EFE informó, desde Bruselas, que el comisario europeo de Comercio, Karel De Gucht manifestó que "La Unión Europea celebra el interés de Uruguay por unirse a las negociaciones del TISA y respalda firmemente su participación de ahora en adelante".

Arranca la sexta ronda de negociación de tratado comercial entre la UE y EEUU | 15-July-2014

La Unión Europea (UE) y Estados Unidos entraron hoy en la sexta ronda de negociaciones para un tratado transatlántico de comercio e inversiones (TTIP) con la ambición de avanzar en áreas como permitir al capital transnacional a participar en los procesos legislativos en la UE y en los EEUU y tras cerrarse una consulta pública sobre el instrumento de solución de controversias inversor-Estado.

Reanudan EU y Europa conversaciones de TLC | 15-July-2014

La Unión Europea (UE) y Estados Unidos iniciaron ala sexta ronda de negociación de su tratado de libre comercio, con el fin de avanzar en la apertura de ambos mercados para las inversiones extranjeras y la contratación pública.

México y Turquía inician negociaciones para TLC | 15-July-2014

Se llevará a cabo la primera ronda de negociaciones del Tratado de Libre Comercio entre México y Turquía, informó la Secretaría de Economía (SE).

Swiss face tough US-EU trade deal decisions | 15-July-2014

A free trade agreement between Brussels and Washington could shave billions off the Swiss economy, if Switzerland is left sitting on the sidelines. That’s the conclusion of a government-sponsored study.

Reform of state-run firms one of TPP’s biggest hurdles | 15-July-2014

Emerging economies are at odds with developed countries in negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact, clashing over the reform of their state-run firms to ensure a fair playing field for foreign capital.

ASEAN, Hong Kong start FTA negotiations | 15-July-2014

The first round of negotiations on the proposed free trade agreement between Hong Kong and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was held on July 10 and 11.

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    What you should know about the unusual Jpepa | 6-July-2014
    edd nieva: In manufacturing companies using imported materials from japan from different local suppliers, what are the provision in Jpepa in paying taxes. We belong to automotive companies and one of our local supplier with Japanese material content already lo ...
    TTIP won’t let big banks wriggle out of regulations, EU negotiators insist | 3-July-2014
    margsview: All indications are that is exactly what the European Commission wants and will do (restrict negotiations between European and US financial entities to the exclusion of others). Then the lower international standards of regulations will allow the US ...
    Ukraine signs trade agreement with EU, draws Russian threat | 30-June-2014
    Andre: It is an excellent agreement that could serve as a model for better trade deals.
    EU and US insurers support including financial services market access and regulatory cooperation in TTIP | 30-June-2014
    Andre: After the outrageous BNP Paribas case of US extraterritorial enforcement of sanctions against third nations and the prosecution of European banks for the suprime mortgage regulatory failure on the US side there is really no credible base for that. A ...
    TTIP: le Luxembourg veillera au grain | 25-June-2014
    NonMerci: Luxembourg : Les députés de la Chambre vont débattre du Traité Transatlantique le 11 juillet — -> ...
    African countries feel cornered in EU trade negotiations | 7-June-2014
    none: African regional integration is obstructed by protectionist nationalist zero-sum stances between African countries themselves - not by EPA requirements. EU is not forcing anything on these countries - they are free to not conclude any FTAs with the ...
    Le Grand Traité Transatlantique (#TAFTA) expliqué aux nuls | 5-June-2014
    L’Indigné du Canapé: Bonjour @bilaterals ! Merci d'avoir relayé mon article sur votre site/agrégateur. J'espère qu'il a plu ! Néanmoins, j'aurais bien aimé voir citer le nom de mon blog sur votre site. En effet, Agoravox est ...
    Investor-to-state dispute settlement is a rigged system | 30-May-2014
    Marcin: Thank you for this excellent article.
    EJN condemns EPA | 13-Jul-2014