Mexican activist says NAFTA should act as a warning against TPP

30-Jun-2016Tele Sur teleSUR spoke with Victor Suarez Carrera, who is campaigning against the TPP in Canada as Obama, Peña Nieto, and Trudeau push the trade pact.

Mexico, NAFTA, TPP

Key issues

Quelle régulation de la politique d’investissement en Afrique?

30-Jun-2016 ICTSDLa problématique de la libéralisation des investissements est une question qui mérite toute l’attention des pays africains. Quelle approche devraient-ils adopter dans ce domaine ?

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Texts of agreements

14-Jun-2016  | PACER-plus draft chapters (2013-2016) 17 leaked chapters dated from 2013 to 2016
25-May-2016  | TiSA - draft annexes (2015) As leaked by Wikileaks on 25 May 2016
4-May-2016  | UE-Tunisie (ALECA) - textes initiaux (avril 2016) Publié par la Commission européenne
3-May-2016  | EU-US FTA (TTIP) - draft text (April 2016) As leaked by Greenpeace


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28-Jun-2016  Argentina. CIADI y TPP: dos siglas para una misma política
Luciana: Compañeros/as, creo que es una nota fundamental la que publican aquí, La política de los tratados de libre comercio sí aparece como una cuestión del
26-Jun-2016  Confirmed: these 5 countries intervene against Saharawis at EU Court
Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad: WSRW is a fake NGO sponsored by algeria relays to attack Morocco and Western Sahara unity. WSRW is not talking on behalf of the Western Sahara