Commerce : tactique hasardeuse de Paris

30-Jun-2015Libération Note de la NSA selon WikiLeaks : "Des représentants de l’UE perçoivent un manque de leadership US sur les questions commerciales et émettent des doutes sur l’initiative du Pacifique."

Key issues

India rejects Cairn’s arbitration on tax dispute

29-Jun-2015 PTIThe government of India has rejected Cairn Energy UK’s plea for an arbitration over Rs 10,247-crore tax dispute saying taxation is not covered under the UK-India Investment Promotion and Protection Treaty.

Texts of agreements

18-Jun-2015  | China-Australia FTA (2015)
11-Jun-2015  | TPP: healthcare annex of draft transparency chapter (Dec 2014) as leaked by Wikileaks on 10 June 2015
4-Jun-2015  | RCEP: draft IP text from Japan (2014) as leaked by KEI on 10 Feb 2015


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