Upcoming days of action

- Oct to Nov: autumn of action against CETA in Europe incl. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Netherland, Slovenia, Spain... - details
- 21 Oct: mobilisation against CETA in Montreal - details
- 27-28 Oct: mobilisation in Brussels against CETA - contact
- 03-05 Nov: mobilisation in Brussels against TTIP - contact
- 4 Nov: Continental day for democracy and against FTAs & neoliberalism in Latin America - contact
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La UE se ve forzada a posponer la firma del ’TTIP canadiense’ por el bloqueo de Bélgica

21-Oct-2016Público Los Veintiocho se dan de plazo hasta el viernes, en la reunión de jefes de Estado y de Gobierno. La cumbre UE-Canadá se cancelará si no se resuelven las reservas de la región francófona belga

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Key issues

TDM Special Issue on Int’l Arbitration involving Commercial and Investment Disputes in Africa

20-Oct-2016 TDMThis Special Issue presents diverse views on a number of salient topics affecting international arbitration involving the African continent.

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14-Oct-2016  EU to kick-start EPA in 13 West African countries despite Nigeria’s resentment
Marc Maes: This part of the above article : "European Union (EU) delegation to Nigeria on Wednesday disclosed that the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
14-Oct-2016  Belgian local parliament votes to block Canada trade deal
bobo: fix your typos Eric
13-Oct-2016  L’accord de libre-échange avec le Canada contesté devant le ministère de l’Agriculture
dave..z: we in Canada who have educated ourselve’s about these destructive corporate, ignorate selfish pig treaties .. don’t want them either, .. keep up