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Perú y Honduras avanzan en negociaciones para firma de TLC | 31-July-2014

El embajador peruano en Honduras, Guillermo Gonzales Arica, aseguró que nuestro país (Perú) y la citada nación centroamericana están avanzando en las negociaciones para la firma de un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC).

Mercosur cerró oferta y espera por paso de la Unión Europea | 31-July-2014

Tras un arduo trabajo en la interna del bloque sudamericano, se alcanzó un consenso para cerrar un TLC.

’Sharing is not a crime’: Why a Colombian student faces prison for posting research online | 31-July-2014

A South American biologist who found a five-year-old master’s degree thesis online, then shared it with fellow graduate students on a Web page, could spend the next eight years in prison for copyright infringement — thanks to the US-Colombia FTA.

La Russie entend suspendre l’accord de libre-échange avec la Géorgie | 31-July-2014

Le ministère russe du Développement économique a élaboré un projet d’arrêté gouvernemental sur la suspension de l’accord russo-géorgien de libre-échange du 3 février 1994, rapporte le site des documents juridiques officiels russes.

La Médiatrice demande au Conseil et à la Commission de publier plus de documents relatifs au TTIP | 31-July-2014

La Médiatrice européenne, Emily O’Reilly, demande au Conseil de l’Union européenne de publier les directives de négociation de l’UE relatives aux négociations en cours avec les États-Unis sur le Partenariat transatlantique de commerce et d’investissement (TTIP en anglais).

Ombudsman asks Council and Commission to publish more TTIP documents | 31-July-2014

The European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, has called on the Council of the European Union to publish the EU negotiating directives for the on-going Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations with the US.

TLC en Ecuador: “La pequeña economía campesina va a ser severamente golpeada” | 30-July-2014

Carlos Pérez, dirigente indígena, criticó severamente al tratado de libre comercio que Ecuador estipuló con Europa y advirtió sobre los riesgos.

Colombia, Japan agree to accelerate FTA process | 30-July-2014

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos and the prime minister of Japan agreed to expedite the process of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.

UPA may have left another can of worms in Anand Sharma’s free trade agreements | 30-July-2014

One of the most serious long-term damages done by any ministry under the UPA — in India — was commerce under Anand Sharma.

Michael Froman sets stage for Africa summit, AGOA debate | 30-July-2014

US Trade Representative Michael Froman on Tuesday called for a new “compact” to boost trade and investment with sub-Saharan African nations, as President Barack Obama prepares to meet with 50 African leaders next week and Congress looks at renewing a 14-year-old program for the region.

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    Africa’s "grand" FTA negotiation progressing well: SADC officials | 20-August-2014
    Professor Gilbert NMO Morris: Free Trade Zones, secured by Free Trade Agreements are as notoriously popular as they are infamously over-rated. The problem is not the intention of the designers. It is rather a lack of intention or design sufficiently imagined, implemented and man ...
    Don’t let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver as he launches latest food offensive | 19-August-2014
    John: In 1969 I worked in the USA for 6 months. During that time I gained a lot of weight which I lost after return to the UK. My GP claimed that it may have been due to the growth hormones fed to USA cattle getting into the human food chain which was dis ...
    EU-Canada trade deal leak ‘ridicules’ TTIP consultation, campaigners say | 15-August-2014
    anonymous: The notion that investors are greedy and governments and national courts work solely in people's interest is wrong. There are EU member states where corruption is rife and whose governments, legislatures and courts aren't trusted by their ...
    TTIP won’t let big banks wriggle out of regulations, EU negotiators insist | 12-August-2014
    Chris: Where does TiSA fit in? It would be easy to make such assurances about TTIP if the "more secret" TiSA services deal was in fact where the worst was hidden. Wikileaks published documents in June which show TiSA mandating a very high level o ...
    SADC signs EPA with EU | 11-August-2014
    Marc Maes: The above article makes the common mistake to confuse 'siging" and "initialling": initialling is done by the chief negotiators, signing by the governments and ratification by the heads of state usually after the approval of the p ...
    TTIP: battle of the choirs | 4-August-2014
    Owen Ramos: Didn't mind the second guys... thought they were pretty dang good.
    Mexico purchases of US corn more than double | 31-July-2014
    Paul: Will this corn being exported to México be the Transgenic type and if so will the corn products be labelled as transgenic? I very much doubt it. México should not need to import corn, but mistakes made by the 1994 Nafta agreement meant tha ...
    AFTINET on ISDS | 13-Aug-2014