Japan may set tariff-free quota for EU beef under EPA

22-Jun-2017Japan Times Japan is considering setting a tariff-free import quota for beef from European Union member states, as requested by the EU in the two sides’ negotiations on an economic partnership agreement for free trade.

Key issues

Trade agreements a good deal for US feed grains

19-Jun-2017 High Plains / Midwest Ag JournalTrade equals huge success for exports of U.S. feed grains in all forms, particularly to the 20 countries with which the United States has a free trade agreement.

Texts of agreements

31-May-2017  | PACER-plus consolidated legal text As released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand
18-May-2017  | Mercosur: Protocolo de cooperación y facilitación de inversiones (abril 2017) Publicado por el Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, Uruguay
11-May-2017  | Morocco - Nigeria BIT (2016)


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Helena Peltonen: Congratulation Ecuador! This has been a great study with a great result and will certainly serve as an example for many other countries. This
23-May-2017  ’TPP 11’ make show of unity, but members remain far apart
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