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  • 31-Dec-2013 Toronto Star
    Free trade’s tarnished silver anniversary
    On the 25th anniversary of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement, big corporations have gained at the expense of the public good.
  • 31-Dec-2013 Toward Freedome
    NAFTA’s 20 years of unfulfilled promises
    Twenty years after it took effect, NAFTA has failed the vast majority of Mexicans
  • 31-Dec-2013 El Correo
    Les peuples amérindiens mettent en garde sur la destruction de la Terre-Mère
    Lors du « 5e Sommet continental », qui s’est tenu récemment dans le département du Cauca en Colombie, 4 000 représentants indigènes du continent américain ont exigé un arrêt des signatures de Traités Bilatéraux d’Investissement et d’Accords de Libre Échange qui créent des politiques d’expropriation de ressources naturelles et des règles permettant le pillage des biens et des cultures des peuples.
  • 31-Dec-2013 China Post
    Envoy calls for free trade pact between Taiwan and Malaysia
    The Republic of China representative to Malaysia called on the Malaysian government to consider signing an economic cooperation agreement with Taiwan.
  • 28-Dec-2013
    Mauritius keen to sign free trade accord
    Mauritius is keen to develop economic relations with Pakistan and enter into a free-trade agreement (FTA) to tap the bilateral trade potential, Mauritius Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ahmad Rashid Beebeejaun said on Saturday.
  • 28-Dec-2013
    LPG firm’s investor seeks compensation
    A shareholder from the United Kingdom of the company Progas Pakistan has initiated international arbitration proceedings of $573 million against Pakistan for alleged expropriation of its LPG infrastructure in Karachi and the government has decided to vigorously contest the case.
  • 28-Dec-2013 Democracy Now
    Indigenous groups win right to seize Chevron’s Canadian sssets over $18 billion in Amazon pollution
    A court in Canada has ruled Ecuadorean farmers and fishermen can try to seize the assets of oil giant Chevron based on a 2011 decision in an Ecuadorean court found it liable for nearly three decades of soil and water pollution near oil wells, and said it had ruined the health and livelihoods of people living in nearby areas of the Amazon rainforest.
  • 27-Dec-2013 Buenos Aires Herald
    EU-Mercosur talking across each other over trade agreement
    After 31 months of talks, 2013 was supposed to mark the time when the European Union and the Mercosur bloc were going to present their respective offers for a free trade deal all sides claim to want. Yet 2013 will end as it began —without any concrete progress.
  • 27-Dec-2013 New Straits Times
    ‘Havoc for palm oil sector’
    Palm oil refiners, some of which are owned by the country’s largest conglomerates, may face a bleak future if Malaysia accedes to demand under free trade pacts to dismantle the crude palm oil (CPO) tax.
  • 27-Dec-2013
    PH-EU free trade agreement may start talks in first quarter of 2014 - trade official Cristobal
    The initial stages of negotiations for the Philippines-European Free Trade Agreement may start first quarter of 2014, Trade undersecretary Adrian Cristobal Jr. said.
  • 27-Dec-2013 Sierra Club
    Raw deal: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership could threaten our climate
    "The broad implications of the TPP are that governments would lose ability to put in place policies to address the climate crisis while corporations would gain the ability to challenge climate and environmental laws and policies," writes the Sierra Club.
  • 27-Dec-2013 Rebelión
    El TTIP y las sustancias químicas
    La legislación de EE UU sobre sustancias químicas es mucho más permisiva y favorable a las empresas que la normativa europea. En estas condiciones, cualquier ajuste entre ambas legislaciones para favorecer un comercio sin trabas, como se pretende, solo supondrá una rebaja de la regulación europea y una mayor desprotección de la ciudadanía europea ante estas sustancias tóxicas.
  • 27-Dec-2013 Tlaxcala
    Open letter of civil society against investor privileges in TTIP
    Over 100 civil society groups and social movements from Europe and the USA have signed on an open letter that was sent to the chief negotiators of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to voice one joint demand: to exclude any Investor-state Dispute Settlement mechanism from the TTIP
  • 27-Dec-2013 IPtegrity
    A TTIP Christmas wish
    The European authorities want industry to come up with a counter-narrative to civil society in what would appear to be fear of an ACTA protest Mk2. This was revealed in a cosy Brussels soirée held at the American Chamber of Commerce to discuss the intellectual property content of the EU-US trade agreement known as TTIP.
  • 27-Dec-2013 PTI
    India to reassess FTAs to protect domestic industry: Commerce Minister
    India will look into the provisions of all the Free Trade Agreements with other countries so as to protect the interest of the domestic industry, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry E M S Natchiappan said.
  • 24-Dec-2013 Rebelión
    Un Acuerdo Transatlántico (y corporativo)
    La Asociación Transatlántica de Comercio e Inversiones (TTIP) es un intento de recuperar la hegemonía occidental en el mundo, liberalizando aún más la economía y el comercio. Pero esta nueva huida hacia delante plantea numerosas y graves amenazas para la población, la democracia y el medio ambiente.
  • 24-Dec-2013 Prensa Libre
    Perú espera firmar nuevos TLC en 2014
    El Gobierno de Perú espera negociar durante 2014 cinco nuevos tratados de libre comercio (TLC) con la India, Turquía, Indonesia, Rusia y El Salvador, informó el viernes recién pasado la ministra de Comercio Exterior y Turismo, Magalí Silva.
  • 24-Dec-2013
    Rybak says EU-Ukraine Association Agreement can be signed without FTA
    Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Rybak has said he does not rule out the possibility of signing an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU without the creation of a free trade area (FTA).
  • 24-Dec-2013
    CIS FTA effective for Kyrgyzstan from 12 January 2014
    The CIS Free Trade Agreement will come into effect for Kyrgyzstan on 12 January 2014, BelTA learnt from the legal department of the CIS Executive Committee.
  • 21-Dec-2013 Thanh Nien News
    TPP: Getting US snout in Vietnam trough
    American swine could make their way to the Vietnamese dining table via Chinese slaughterhouses, thanks to the TPP
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