Head of Asia trade talks warns against adding elements of Trump-derailed TPP into new pact

23-Mar-2017Bloomberg The chief negotiator of RCEP expressed hope that talks can be concluded this year if member nations refrain from introducing elements of the TPP

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US ranchers saddle up for trade battle with Washington

22-Mar-2017 BBCPresident Trump’s promise to renegotiate Nafta and possibly place tariffs on Mexico or other US trading partners has the beef industry worried. The industry is already reeling from the loss of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


23-Mar-2017  I can’t find the leaked documents?
Petter Slaatre Titland, Attac Norway: Hi! Great article. But the link to the actual documents is circular - it goes back to the general TISA topic site, not the PDF documents. Can
23-Mar-2017  Le Ceta, un traité inconstitutionnel
Katrina: Thanks for finally talking about > :: Généralités :: viêm phế quản cấp ở trẻ em</a>
15-Mar-2017  Latvia first to ratify Canada-EU trade deal
Gill Buckland: ’Rinkevics said that not only CETA but also Canada’s decision to send troops to lead a multinational battalion of NATO forces in Latvia proved that