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Fuertes críticas en el Europarlamento al tratado comercial secreto UE-Canadá (CETA), antesala para el TTIP | 22-September-2014

Intervención de Lola Sánchez Caldentey en el Parlamento Europeo referente al acuerdo de Comercio entre la Unión Europea y Canadá ¡No al CETA!

EE. UU. reactiva panel arbitral contra Guatemala por violación de derechos laborales | 22-September-2014

Después de 33 meses de buscar un arreglo amistoso, la Oficina del Representante Comercial de Estados Unidos (USTR) decidió reactivar el panel arbitral contra el Estado de Guatemala, por incumplir con los avances acordados en materia de derechos laborales, lo que podría significar una multa de hasta US$15 millones.

Estados Unidos reclama a Colombia por medicamentos genéricos, chatarra y demoras en propiedad intelectual | 22-September-2014

La queja de Estados Unidos fue calificada en Colombia como un mensaje en favor de las multinacionales farmacéuticas de ese país que temen que sus mercados se podrían ver afectados con una significativa reducción de precios.

Suscribirán tratado comercial Surcorea y Canadá | 22-September-2014

Corea del Sur y Canadá firmarán hoy un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC), que contribuirá a aumentar las relaciones económicas entre ambos países, informaron fuentes oficiales.

EAC strikes economic partnership deal to join EU | 22-September-2014

The East African Community (EAC) has reached a common position on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) which it intends to sign with the European Union.

EAC, EU agree to settle unresolved trade issues | 22-September-2014

East African Community (EAC) states and the European Union (EU) have reached a new deal in protracted negotiations of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).

PHL to open more bilateral agreements | 22-September-2014

Trade Undersecretary Adrian Cristobal Jr. said the Philippines is willing to look into having bilateral trade agreements with other countries.

S. Korea-China free trade talks reach ’critical stage’ | 22-September-2014

Free trade talks between South Korea and China have reached a "critical stage," a Seoul delegate said Monday, suggesting that both sides were stepping up efforts to produce a breakthrough toward a deal.

Japanese Minister urges Thai to support ASEAN + 6 FTA | 22-September-2014

Japan wants Thailand to support the RCEP negotiations and proposes the resumption of the Japan–Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement (JTEPA) due to the changing political situations in the two countries.

Korea, Canada ink FTA | 22-September-2014

Korea and Canada officially sign a free trade agreement on Monday according to terms agreed in March after nine years of tough negotiations.

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  • Comments
    Nuevo revés para Monsanto en Costa Rica | 19-September-2014
    César Zamora: Siempre se confunde lo que significa adquirir la exclusividad, sobre lo que una persona desarrolla con la autorización para comercializar. La siembra de transgénicos en Guatemala está prohibida, excepto cuando es para investigació ...
    EU must tear up association agreement with Israel | 13-September-2014
    Bernard K. Gordon: A very misguided comment was posted on your site, recommending that the EU-Israel trade agreement be "torn up." As many, many long and directly-experienced American commentators have pointed out, the record of Hamas during the Israel/Hamas ...
    Bilateral Investment Treaty to lure US companies to India, says expert | 12-September-2014
    Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah: It is a myth that investment treaties attract foreign investment. There are no studies which conclusively prove this assumption. What we know is that the existing Indian BITs have enabled disgruntled investors to bring arbitrations against India. Th ...
    US dairy groups oppose Canadian market access restrictions | 9-September-2014
    Harvey Dann: I read with great interest your article on cheese imports into Canada. It is unfortunate that this happened for everyone concerned. Perhaps everyone needs to take a look at COOL (Country of Origin Labelling) and how some segments of your industry an ...
    US back ECOWAS’ efforts to attain borderless trade status | 4-September-2014
    Rosi DeJean: The overall evidence of free trade has failed to support economic development in any of the countries under the Free Trade Act. The evidence has supported a rise in poverty in those regions, especially reviewing the Caribbean islands (Haiti, Jamaica ...
    Government moves to protect rooibos in EU — eight years on | 4-September-2014
    JACK: FINALLY Someone gets some Backbone
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 4-September-2014
    chantal theroux: Wow!!you impress me people of guatemala!!here in canada we think that you are a very intelligent nation don't let them take a your land and poisonne it!!! Lots of love keep fighting!!!!:)
    S&D Group president Gianni Pittella: "We oppose ISDS mechanism in EU-Canada trade deal" | 1-September-2014
    read: So, states should be allowed to inflict multi-billion dollar fines on corporations trough state institutions and courts, but corporations should not be allowed to sue governments for expropriation, backward-enforced laws and other populist transgres ...