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African and European farmers say no to EPAs and no to a WTO agreement in HKG
Farmers organizations from West Africa and the European Union are convinced that the EPA talks will lead to an agreement which will be detrimental to family farming unless strong corrective measures are taken.
Papers from tralac’s EPA conference
tralac recently held its annual conference in Cape Town on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) and their impact on African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.
ACP negotiators meet in London
Chief negotiators from the six Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) regions that are fashioning the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union met in London last week to compare notes and review strategies, and emerged saying that they had a better understanding of the way forward.
EU, Caribbean begins new round of trade talks
EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson is in St Lucia today to launch the third phase of an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations between the European Union and the Caribbean region.
The trade escape
The free trade Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) proposed by the European Union would have a devastating effect on African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries if they go ahead as planned.
Resist external forces, trade bodies urged
Regional trade integration bodies must stand together and prevent outside forces like the European Union (EU) from promoting divisions to suit their varied agendas, especially when dealing with African member states, a Government minister has urged.
PNG Minister warns over tapping EU funds
Continued delay by Pacific Island countries to negotiate a successful Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) could result in the region missing out in millions of European Union (EU) funds.
Nigerian traders mobilise for 5m signatures against EPA
National Association of Nigerian Traders has joined forces in the moved to secure about 5 million stakeholder signatures against the endorsement of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between European countries and the Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Countries.
Civil society in revolt against EU-ACP trade agreements
African civil society organizations supported by a number of major European NGOs have moved into clear confrontation with the European Commission on the issue of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA). They say these deals will wreck domestic African agriculture and industry and are warning African politicians not to go along with them.
Groups call for end of Pacific trade negotiations
"The current EPA negotiations are a game of Russian roulette where the casualties will be the people of the Pacific Islands," said Professor Jane Kelsey at the release of A People’s Guide to the Pacific’s Economic Partnership Agreement in Suva today.
Trade traps
ActionAid’s new report on EPAs
Charities attack Mandelson’s trade plans
Peter Mandelson outlined plans yesterday for new trade deals between Brussels and 77 of the world’s poorest countries but immediately ran into flak as development campaigners accused Europe’s trade commissioner of liberalisation "by the back door".
EU-ACP Partnership Agreement: Can The Gambia benefit?
Opening up The Gambia’s and ACP markets to the EU is likely to result in transfers of tariff revenues from ACP countries to the EU and this will worsens their terms of trade and result in a welfare loss.
ESF: Public urged to act on trade agreements
African and European civil society groups are urging European citizens to put pressure on their governments to halt regional trade agreements between the European Union and developing countries.
Seeds of change
Unable to get its own way through the World Trade Organisation, the EU is now shamelessly trying to corral some of the world’s poorest nations into bilateral trade agreements that would severely disadvantage them.
Why the EU approach to regional trade negotiations with developing countries is bad for development
Briefing Paper on the so-called EPA negotiations between EU and ACP countries within the framework of the Cotonou Agreement
European Imperialism and Free Trade
The European Union is on the verge of implementing a series of free trade agreements and is leading a trade policy that can hold its own against the American policy.
Our negotiators in the EPA with EU have to stand their ground
Negotiators in the expected Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with European Union (EU) will have to stand their ground if they are to give Namibia a better deal from the EU, -more especially if they do not want to give the country a replica of the Free Trade Area (FTA) component, to which the country is already subjected, under the Trade Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) that the EU has with South Africa.
EU to open trade negotiations with Pacific region
The European Union will open talks this week to try to reach an economic agreement with the Pacific region, a big producer of sugar, the bloc’s executive said on Wednesday.
EU bilateral trade negotiations: state of play
Overview of Bilateral Negotiations 2004 involving Trade Agreements: State of Play 27 July