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’EU plans to capture African market’
The European Union does not have an offensive commercial interest in the Economic Partnership Agreement. Rather, it is part of its strategic plan and policy to capture the African market, the Special Adviser to the President of NEPAD has said.
Deny neoliberal consensus
Right now, the EU’s EPAs are devastating Africa’s regional economic blocs through divide-and-conquer, reversing the resistance we saw from African countries a year ago.
Angola, United States sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
On 19 May, US Trade Representative Ronald Kirk and Angola Minister of External Affairs Assunção Afonso de Sousa dos Anjos signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) that will provide a forum to address trade issues and help enhance trade and investment relations between the United States and Angola.
’Food colonialism’ increasing hunger in Africa
The European Union is coercing some West African governments into allowing European-based fishing companies to deplete West Africa’s fishing stocks in a new "food colonialism" that is now taking place between rich and poor countries around the world, according to British author George Monbiot.
EU Commission Manufactured African Business Support for EPAs
Internal email communication by DG Trade obtained by Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) unveils how the EU Commission has actively orchestrated African business support for its Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the countries from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. MEPs will vote on the EPA negotiations at their sitting in Strasbourg today and tomorrow.
South Centre cautions African countries when approaching Economic Partnership Agreements
The value of the preferences African countries will reap from an EPA will essentially become nil in about 5 to 10 years.
‘EPA accord with EU’ll stifle Nigeria’s growth’
Switzerland-based intergovernmental organisation, South Centre, has warned Nigeria and other African nations that the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) being proposed by the European Union (EU) will eliminate the capacity of African nations to industrialise within five to 10 years of signing the agreement.
Undercutting Africa
Why EPAs threaten the world’s forests and forest peoples
Knowing Your Trade Blocs From Your Trade Blocks
On a daily basis we are exposed to a myriad of acronyms. A large number of these refer to some form of regional economic integration such as CMA, COMESA, FTA, IDZ, SACU and SADC, to name a few.
IGAD set to become free trade area in 2009 - Chief
The seven-member regional Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is set to become a free trade area.
Free trade by any other name
As the December 2007 deadline was approaching, the European Commission realised that it would not get what it badly wanted: to close a deal with all African regions on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) - basically free-trade pacts.
The trouble with our Africa trade negotiators
Agricultural and development economies in Sub-Saharan Africa are the flavour of the month. The global credit crisis, wide-scale economic meltdown and financial recession have sparked a wave of interest about the implications for Africa. It is crucial that this discussion happens.
Africa FTA talks lined up
The prospect of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) between the Gulf and African countries will be discussed at a major conference in Bahrain next month. Hundreds of government officials, bankers and investors are expected to attend.
Africans Should Confront ’’Blind Governments’’ on EPAs
African governments came under fire for ‘‘blindly’’ negotiating the controversial economic partnership agreements (EPAs) and not making an effort to educate ‘‘ordinary people’’ on what they were negotiating.
Mandelson’s trade legacy puts forests and livelihoods at risk - new report
African countries will be locked into an economic model based on the export of raw materials that could have a devastating impact on forests and wildlife, if new EU trade deals shaped by former trade commissioner Peter Mandelson are signed - according to a new report published by Friends of the Earth today (Monday 20 October 2008).
African experts endorse African template for EPAs
African experts on Friday ended a continental forum on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between European and African countries with the endorsement of proposals towards an African template for EPA negotiations.
OATUU opposes EPA
The Organisation of African Trade Unions Unity (OATUU) has joined in the crusade against the signing of the EPA, stating several claims which it believed would cripple the economies of member countries, if they go ahead to sign the agreement.
Standing firm and acting together against EPAs!
The EPAs are not fundamentally concerned about African development but are designed to further the geo-economic aims of the ‘Global Europe’ strategy being pushed from Brussels in the interest of European corporations and capital. Declaration from Africa Trade Network.
Spotlight turns to EPA’s as Doha talks fail
With the failure of the Doha development round trade talks fresh in everyone’s minds, the focus now shifts to the equally controversial Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA’s).
EPA or development? Your choice
The EPA will be disastrous for Africa. Its acceptance would amount to locking the continent into some kind of economic vacuum where its manouevring space would be drastically limited because of the exclusivity of such a deal, especially since the evidence shows that no country in the world has taken off with such bogus and demeaning arrangements.