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Free trade is a prison
As the world prepares to celebrate the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition on August 23, a new book on the lessons learnt from that trade and how its “successor,” free trade is undermining democracy and justice in Africa has just been published.
African nations to sign parts of EU trade deal
The European Union and east African countries thrashing out a new but contentious trade deal will sign parts of it by a Dec. 31 deadline even if all is not ready by then, a Kenyan trade official said on Wednesday.
Africans fear ’ruin’ in Europe trade talks
African governments, policy analysts, regional economic groups and civil society organizations are increasingly speaking with one voice: the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) now being hammered out between Europe and the ACP countries must be significantly modified to safeguard those countries’ prospects for development.
Fish exporters set conditions for EPAs
With barely five months to go before the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) come into force, it is still unclear whether agreements in the negotiations will be reached.
Country-based policies are best
Africa’s poorest countries should develop policies to suit their unique circumstances to replace policies imposed on them by their developed country counterparts, former Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa has said.
Don’t sign the EPAs - coalition tells African gov’ts
As December draws closer and intense pressure by the European Union (EU) is mounting on African governments to sign the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), African youth have their leaders not to sign.
African leaders cautioned on EPAs
Africa Trade Network and Economic Justice Network of Ghana, both civil society organisations have issued a strong warning to African Governments to desist from signing up on the EU-led Economic Partnership Agreements aimed at establishing a new WTO compatible trading arrangement, removing progressively barriers of trade between EU and Africa.
Pan African ‘Stop EPA peoples’ forum’ in Accra
The Africa Trade Network (ATN) and the Economic Justice Network (EJN) will host a two-day Pan African ‘Stop EPA peoples’ forum’ in Accra from June 29-30.
EU-Africa experts to meet amid hot critics on EPAs
European Union (EU) and African experts are scheduled to meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week to discuss key issues on the EU-Africa cooperation. Agendas for the meeting might include EU-ACP cooperation-related issues, progress on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) negotiations and African Union matters.
Churches in EPAs debate: Why Not?
Felix Okatch (“Churches’ stand on EPAs look suspicious,” The EastAfrican, May 28-June 3) wondered why churches should take a stand on a “complex matter” such as the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between the European Union and the countries of Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific.
EU sponsors new study on EPAs
Uganda will benefit from a $64,000 fund from the European Union aimed at supporting studies on the likely impact of international trade on its environment.
Africans speak out against EPAs as unwelcome
When European campaigners suggest that a free trade deal could harm the poor, they typically encounter a frosty reaction from civil servants in Brussels. Still, no one tries to muzzle them.
US trade agreements with Sub-Saharan African countries
The United States currently has no FTAs with countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The Bush Administration is pursuing alternative means of strengthening its trade and investment relationships with key African partners, including trade and investment framework agreements (TIFAs), bilateral investment treaties (BITs), and a proposed trade and investment cooperation agreement (TICA).
Will the trade-off be worth it?
On the surface, the European Commission’s argument on how it sees economic partnership agreements with developing countries in the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions playing out, is compelling.
EU concessions to African farmers suspect
The recent trade concessions by the European Union to African, Caribbean and Pacific countries mean little in real terms, says an international non-governmental organisation.
Africa must be careful in its trade pacts with Europeans
The European Union celebrated its 50th birthday on March 25, since the signing of the founding Rome treaty, a pact originally comprising six Western European nations. France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg sealed an economic co-operation that was meant to avoid future wars.
Produce growers form new network
A regional network for horticultural associations will be launched in Nairobi this week. The network is part of the efforts being made in the region to ensure that the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) meant to replace the current trading regime with the European Union are signed by December.
Extend deadline on partnership pact
Civil society groups and other stakeholders in West Africa’s development process have unanimously called on the European Union to extend the deadline for reaching a deal on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).
Light shed on EP Agreements
Issues on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and African-Caribbean-Pacific States were discussed on Wednesday at a one-day seminar held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel.
Grassroots organizing, regional trade agreements and food sovereignty in Africa
Grassroots movements have made great strides towards putting the power of the food system in citizens’ hands, but ongoing bi-lateral and regional trade negotiations threaten to curtail these advances.