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African Union

Stop the EPAs, Oxfam, Panos tell African leaders
Social movements across the African Continent have started arriving in Accra for the 9th Ordinary Summit of the African Union, scheduled for July 2-3, 2007.
Pressure groups to hold mass protests at AU summit
As Accra gets set to host the African Union Summit next week, Civil Society Groups and other Pressure Organisations are also adding to the menu of the summit, trade agreement issues on the agenda of Heads of States and Governments.
EU-Africa experts to meet amid hot critics on EPAs
European Union (EU) and African experts are scheduled to meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week to discuss key issues on the EU-Africa cooperation. Agendas for the meeting might include EU-ACP cooperation-related issues, progress on the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) negotiations and African Union matters.
AU’s Ministerial Declaration on EPA negotiations
EPAs should serve as instruments for development and poverty reduction. They must also support the deepening of intra-African trade.