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Bleak outlook for Peru under FTA
In a study commissioned by the World Bank, GRADE researcher Javier Escobal said tariff deregulation of sensitive farm products under the agreement will mean losses of about 370 million dollars for rural families.
Farmers fight FTA in Ecuador
Representatives of farmer organizations from Andean nations began a meeting in this capital on Monday to define actions and strategies to fight the free trade area with the United States (FTA).
Colombia, Ecuador: more talks needed for FTA with US
Colombia and Ecuador decided on Tuesday to break off their free trade talks with the United States for now, saying that more rounds of talks are needed.
Protests turn violent near APEC venue
About 2,000 farmers and farm activists and 3,000 union workers took to the streets of Pusan to denounce APEC, the World Trade Organisation and US President George W Bush, who was attending the leaders’ meeting.
Peru close to sign FTA with US
The proposed free trade pact with the US has caused big demonstrations in Peru due to the farmers of sugar cane, rice, corn, potatoes and cotton fear that US agricultural subsidies will make it impossible for them to compete.
Peruvian farmers buck FTA with US
Two important Peruvian agricultural organizations march Wednesday against president Alejandro Toledo’s negotiations for a free trade agreement with the US.
US links beef import to FTA with South Korea
Alexander Vershbow, Washington’s top diplomat to Seoul, said Tuesday that South Korea’s lifting of the ban on US beef could trigger talks on a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
Farmers reject new taxes, ask for assistance with upcoming FTA
Associations in the Dominican farming sector today rejected some of the measures recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and requested from the government to establish a program to shore the sector up, prior to implementing the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States.
Does the FTAA have a future?
The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) will become a reality only if the United States allows increased market access for Brazilian agriculture and competitive manufactures and if Brazil reciprocates by opening its market to foreign competition in goods and services.
The FTAA and its babies
From November 4-5th, 2005, the heads of state of 34 countries in the Americas will meet in Mar del Plata, Argentina, to push the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) forward. One big issue at the helm this year are the bilaterals - otherwise known as the FTAA’s babies - which establish free trade agreements on smaller scales.
Low prices force Mexicans from fields
But in just over a decade, an estimated 1 million farmers in rural Mexico have lost their livelihoods.
Colombian farmers question FTA with US
Rafael Mejia, president of the Colombian Association of Farmers (SAC), asserted his entity would not support a free trade agreement (FTA) with the US if farmers do not benefit from it.
Few trade gains from ’early harvest’: Sino-Thai pact misunderstood
Tariff reductions on fruit and vegetables agreed on two years ago between Thailand and China have provided little benefit to the Thai economy.
Pacific countries confident of making deadline for EU trade agreement
Leaders of Pacific island countries said they were confident of meeting the end-of-2007 deadline for reaching agreement with the European Union on a preferential trade deal despite slow progress in negotiations.
Colombian Attorney red flags FTA
Attorney General Edgardo Maya admonished the government Tuesday that an ill-fated signing of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US would result in negative effects for Colombia.
Ecuador hesitant over FTA with US
Chief Ecuadorian negotiator for the Free Trade Treaty with the US, Manuel Chiriboga, affirmed in a press conference Monday that the next negotiation round will determine whether or not it goes into effect in November.
As the TNCs catch you: An analysis of the liberalization of biotechnological products in the Thai-US FTA
One of the books the Thai Prime Minister suggested his cabinet members read was “As the Future Catches You” by Juan Enriquez, a Mexican writer. The book’s contents relate to the fact that countries need to catch up with the development of biotechnology. Otherwise they will be alienated and left behind.
Filipino solons to probe 35 unratified bilateral agreements
Philippine House Committees on globalization and trade will study 35 bilateral agreements the Philippines forged over the past decades with some countries.
Dangerous liaison
Under the guise of freeing trade, bilateral trade agreements (BTAs) are being used as a tool to further an absolute top-down Northern agenda, at the victimization of the poor and marginalized groups and communities of the South.
Developed world undermining WTO spirit through FTAs
FTAs are being designed by the developed countries to get more than what the WTO and TRIPS could give at this stage.