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EU to push Australia to clean up petrol standards as part of free trade deal
The European Union wants Australia’s Paris climate commitments enshrined in new FTA.
Australia should delay free trade deal with Hong Kong, ACTU says
Canberra must tread cautiously amid the political instability, the peak union body tells a parliamentary committee.
Malaysia welcomes MAFTA review but priority given to RCEP conclusion
Malaysia welcomes the review of the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) but any effort to do so will only be considered after the negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) have been concluded.
EU-AU free trade deal: EU shares list of items to protect under geographical indications
Australia is seeking an ambitious and comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union (EU) to drive Australian exports and economic growth.
Australia should join DEPA negotiations
New Zealand and Singapore announced negotiations on a Digital Economy Partnership Agreement (DEPA) that would establish new trade rules and best practices for the digital era. Australia should join and actively participate in these negotiations.
Aussie farmers dig in to save common food names
Farmers are fighting back calling the EU’s demands on geographical indicators ‘bad policy’.
Secretary commerce emphases for FTA with Australia
Pakistan Secretary Commerce, Sardar Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera emphasized on the need of positive consideration from Australian side regarding Pakistan’s request for preferential treatment through Preferential or Free Trade agreement (FTA).
Europe seeking feta and scotch beef protection as Australia pushes back on prosecco claims
Europe’s bid to stop Australian cheesemakers using the name feta has advanced but its claim on the sparkling wine prosecco is facing growing opposition amid ongoing trade talks.
Australia to pressure China, India on EU-style Asian trade agreement
Trade Minister Simon Birmingham will hold high-level talks with his Chinese and Indian counterparts from Thursday in a bid to break down Indian resistance to removing agricultural tariffs.
Australia says ‘long way to go’ to reach RCEP deal
Australia has cast doubt on whether the 16 countries that make up the RCEP will be able to thrash out a deal by year’s end, with disagreements between China and India undercutting talks in recent months.
India should ensure Industry’s support to RCEP deal: Australian envoy
Making a push for India, Australia’s High Commissioner, Harinder Sidhu says political will to conclude the deal must be matched with persuading Indian industry.
Australian miner sues Egyptian government over collapse of billion-dollar deal
Australian company planned was to mine tantulum, but seventeen years later, the company is suing the Egyptian government for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars after the military regime blocked plans.
RCEP trade pact in India’s interest as it gives access to Chinese market, Australia says
New Delhi should embrace the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to have effective access to the Chinese market that it is now lacking, the Australian High Commissioner to India Harinder Sidhu told ThePrint Tuesday.
Civil society criticizes secretive Asia-Pacific free trade negotiations
CSOs and other observers of the trade agreement have needed to rely on leaked 2015 documents to get a picture of what was on the table for discussion and whether there were protections offered to vulnerable communities and the environment.
PM hopes for Aust-EU trade deal progress
Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australia wants to get into the "meaty section" of trade discussions with the European Union as soon as possible.
Australia hosts RCEP talks to promote free trade
Trade officials from 16 nations across the Asia-Pacific region will sit down in the Australian city of Melbourne on Friday, to negotiate the terms of RCEP.
Australia leads secret trade negotiations that will sideline US
Trade representatives from more than a dozen countries have flown into Australia to conduct highly secretive negotiations on a mega deal that will sideline the US amid the ongoing economic fall-out from the US-China trade war.
Indian dairy under threat from new trade deals
Several new trade pacts that cater to transnational corporations, like the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or the proposed deals pending with Europe, threaten to radically change the map and wipe out India’s small dairy producers.
Mine owner takes govt to arbitration
Australian gold mining firm Kingsgate Consolidated is seeking negotiations with the new Thai government over the case in which it was ordered to cease mining operations in Phichit two years ago.