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UAE and Barbados sign promotion and protection of investment agreement
The two sides reaffirmed the importance of responsible and conscious investments that address environmental challenges
Bilateral investment treaty to be signed with UAE
Barbados will soon be signing a bilateral investment treaty with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Barbados seeking to forge strong ties with Algeria
Possible areas of cooperation between the two countries include a double taxation agreement and a bilateral investment treaty.
Barbados and Rwanda strengthening ties
Barbados and Rwanda move to strengthen ties, Prime Minister Mia Mottley believes such a partnership can pay dividends in the fight against COVID-19.
Barbados - Curaçao to increase trade and investment relations
Curaçao and Barbados will explore possibilities in establishing a double taxation agreement and bilateral investment treaty.
Kenya ties on the table
Barbados is looking to enter into a double taxation agreement and a bilateral investment treaty with Kenya.
It’s madness!
Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society knocks EPA and other trade agreements.
EPA plan to be reset
Barbados is resetting its implementation strategy of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union as Britain prepares to exit the EU.
Bad agreement for the Caribbean
The evidence is clear: after 10 years of the EPA, the promised benefits have not been realized.
Venezuela loses annulment of Tidewater expropriation ICSID award
The annulment committee formed by the World Bank’s ICSID has ruled that Venezuela must pay oil services company Tidewater $37 million for the expropriation of its ships and rigs in 2009.
Barbados: EPA not at full potential
More than six years after the signing of a controversial Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and CARIFORUM, Barbados and other participating countries are “struggling” to make it work.
Agricultural body raises concern about new CARICOM-Canada agreement
The Barbados Agricultural Society is closely watching the ongoing negotiations for the new Canada-CARICOM trade and development agreement, as it is concerned about the potential devastating impact that such an agreement can have on the regional and local pork industries.
Barbados and BLEU sign investment treaty
Barbados and the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU) now have a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT).
Trade Unions told to recommit themselves to protecting poor and underprivileged in society
The President of the National Union of Public Workers says the Barbados trade union movement missed a golden opportunity to make its views known on the proposed economic partnership agreement between Caricom and the European Union.
Backing out
Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson has called for an urgent meeting of the CARICOM heads of government ahead of the scheduled September 2 signing of the Economic Partnership Agreement.
’Bad deal’
They failed us! That’s what governments, intellectuals and trade unions in CARIFORUM (CARICOM and the Dominican Republic) who negotiated the Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union did to this region, says James Paul, of the Barbados Agricultural Society.
BANGO petitioning for better EPA deal
The Barbados Association of NGOs (BANGO) is seeking 5 000 signatures for a petition calling on Government to work out a better Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe.
Girvan: EPA bad deal for region
The devil is in the detail. That is how former secretary general of the Association of Caribbean States, Professor Norman Girvan, has described the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Union (EU) and CARIFORUM countries (CARICOM and Dominican Republic).
Barbados government to review EPA
Barbados’ Prime Minister has expressed reservations about the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) which CARICOM will sign with Europe in April, and he says he’s given instructions for his government to review the deal.
ACP/EU call to put back EPA deadline
Strong support for extension of the negotiating deadline for a series of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) between Europe and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states has come from the Joint Assembly of the European Union and the ACP countries.