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Australia signs free trade deal with Chile
The collapse of the World Trade Organisation talks has prompted forecasts of a proliferation of bi-lateral free trade deals, such as that signed by Australia and Chile today. Australian Trade Minister Simon Crean said the FTA is a "high-quality agreement where commitments go beyond" what each country had committed at the WTO.
New Zealand firms urge bilateral trade pacts after WTO failure
New Zealand business organisations urged their government on Wednesday to negotiate more bilateral and regional free trade pacts following the collapse of the World Trade Organisation talks in Geneva.
Canada to turn to bilateral agreements after WTO trade talks collapse
The federal government says it will aggressively go after bilateral trade deals with other countries after the collapse of nine days of talks on a comprehensive global trade agreement.
’Doha Round talks undermining regional integration’
The ongoing Doha round of World Trade Organisation talks is seen to be undermining regional integration and economic development efforts by African countries, analysts have noted.
WTO decision in next 3 days may worsen FTAs’ effects on developing country farmers
The special safeguard mechanism currently being proposed for agriculture at the WTO mini-ministerial requires large increases in imports before it can be used, does not allow tariffs to be raised sufficiently and cannot be used to protect developing country farmers from import surges due to free trade agreements.
Intellectual property in the EPA: Broad scope huge impact - Part II
Jamaica enacted legislation for the protection of GIs through the Protection of Geographical Indications Act of 2004. However, protection under the law strictly complies with the standards laid out in the TRIPS Agreement and does not contemplate the "TRIPS plus" and "TRIPS extra" elements incorporated in the EPA.
21-member APEC pushes trade agenda
The 21-member countries of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), seen to be playing a crucial role in pushing for the conclusion of the stalled Doha Development Round of the WTO, are moving ahead with its agenda of improving market access and substantial reductions in market-distorting measures in agricultural trade in light of the soaring food prices.
EU multi-level trade policy: neither coherent nor development-friendly
The EU is demanding far-reaching trade concessions by developing countries which will help to increase their vulnerability. To merely include some paragraphs that all parties will respect and promote human and worker’s rights is just plain insufficient.
China: Free trade ahead
China is now involved in 12 FTA negotiations with 29 countries and regions including the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, EU, Africa and Oceania
Serving whose interests? The political economy of trade in services agreements
There is a fundamental contradiction between the global market model and the intrinsically social nature of services
Bilateral accords quietly push neo-liberal agenda
Right now through the European Union process there is a divide and rule strategy taking place, not only regionally but also within regions where some countries are signing bilateral trade and investment agreements and some aren’t.
Hard bargains: Bilateral trade pacts draw domestic objections
The fear of having other countries steal a march on Washington by signing their own deals may bring Congress back to the bilateral trade negotiating table.
“Free trade”, neoliberal immigration & the globalization of guestworker programs
An analysis of how free trade and investment agreements affect migrant workers
Korea gives up renegotiating deal
A senior government official indicated Thursday that the Korean government would not ask the United States to renegotiate the beef import deal. Opposition parties and the majority of the people, however, want the renegotiation.
WTO can’t adjudicate on EPA’s - Lamy
Director-General of the World Trade Organisation has said that the world trading body would not legislate on the current bilateral free trade negotiations between the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries and the European Commission.
Civil society groups call for establishment of Commission on Globalisation
Civil society groups have called for the establishment of a new Commission on Globalisation and Development Strategies within the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
Handled with tact, FTAs can do what WTO can’t
Compared with a multilateral organization like the WTO, FTAs are much more convenient for China in several aspects.
Handled with tact, FTAs can do what WTO can’t
On April 7, China and New Zealand signed a free trade agreement (FTA) covering trade in goods and services as well as investment, making it the first FTA reached by China with a developed country.
Understanding the EPA - Most Favoured Nation concession a danger for the Caribbean
So concerned is Brazil about the Caribbean EPA that it sent, on February 5, a communication to the World Trade Organisation requesting a debate. Its concern is that the arrangement agreed with the European Commission may cause nations like India, China and others to cease to negotiate with nations like the Caribbean.
Supachai: ‘An India-China FTA will be better than an India-US FTA’
Interview with the UN Conference on Trade & Development’s secretary-general, and former WTO chief, Supachai Panitchpakdi.