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Brazil President Lula criticises EU as Mercosur free-trade deal delayed
Brazilian president slams "lack of flexibility" from European countries as the EU and Mercosur say they need more time to finalise a massive trade deal.
Germany and Brazil hope for swift finalization of a trade agreement between EU and Mercosur
The chancellor of Germany and president of Brazil expressed hope that decades-long negotiations might soon yield a finalized free trade agreement between the 27-member European Union and a bloc of four South American nations.
Argentina, Brazil seek 12.5 billion euros of financial aid in EU-Mercosur talks
Argentina and Brazil are requesting 12.5 billion euros in financial aid from the European Union in talks to conclude a trade agreement with South America’s Mercosur bloc.
India and Brazil to work together to expand India-Mercosur PTA
India and Brazil have joined forces to expand the India-Mercosur Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA), aiming to strengthen their economic ties.
Lula urges meeting of EU-Mercosur leaders over trade deal fate
Brazil’s president is asking for a meeting of leaders from the European Union and Mercosur to decide on a trade deal this year, during his presidency at the South American bloc.
Lula accuses the EU of disguising protectionist measures as environmental concern
The Brazilian president delivered a message to industrialized nations at a climate summit in Belém, arguing they should ‘pay their part so we can revive part of what was ruined’
Brazil’s Lula to issue counter-proposal on Mercosur trade deal in 2-3 weeks
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva will send the European Union a counter-proposal on the long-delayed trade deal with the South American bloc Mercosur in the coming two or three weeks.
Argentina, Brazil take aim at EU’s environmental trade deal conditions
Argentina and Brazil, South America’s largest economies, took aim at an "unacceptable" EU stance in negotiations with the Mercosur bloc for a free trade deal long delayed due to stated European environmental concerns.
Lula stalls EU-Mercosur talks, prepares counter-proposal
Mercosur countries cancelled trade talks with the EU meant to be held in Buenos Aires starting 29-30 June in what was seen as an attempt by Brazil’s President to buy time and present a counter-proposal to the bloc’s most recent demands.
Mercosur/EU trade accord: Lula describes EU amendments as ’unacceptable”, but will continue talks
Brazilian president Lula da Silva reiterated his support for the signing of the agreement between the European Union and Mercosur but expressed his dissatisfaction with the additional terms proposed by the European bloc, calling them “unacceptable.”
Brazil’s Lula calls for ’common sense’ negotiations on EU-Mercosur trade pact
Brazil cannot give up government purchases, Lula said, referring to an unwanted procurement clause of the deal allowing European companies to sell to Brazil’s public sector.
The EU-Mercosur annex: a greenwashing exercise
Friends of the Earth Europe commissioned a legal analysis of the European Commission’s additional environmental protocol which demonstrates that it is a mere greenwash, only offering cosmetic and unenforceable adjustments.
German FM calls Brazil to align more with the West
The still not yet ratified EU-Mercosur trade deal could be among the main keys to the rapprochement of like-minded democratic states as it would “make it clear that democracies when they work together, can solve global challenges,” said German Foreign Minister.
Lula pledges to defend SMEs in EU-Mercosur deal
Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva insisted that his government’s purchases were “non-negotiable” and promised not to give in because it would entail killing the possibility of growth of small and medium-sized companies.
Brazil, Spain want EU-Mercosur deal by end of the year
Leaders of Brazil and Spain hope long-delayed trade deal between the European Union and Mercosur trade bloc can be finalised by the end of the year.
Brazil’s Lula visits Spain with Mercosur deal on agenda
Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva arrived in Spain on the second stop of a European tour aimed at resetting relations and making progress on a long-delayed trade deal between the European Union and the South American bloc Mercosur.
Brazil hopes for conclusion to EU-Mercosur trade deal this year
Brazil hopes the Mercosur trade deal with the European Union (EU) will be concluded this year, a government official said, ending years of delay and opening the way to increased trade between the two regions.
Russia embarks on a major BRICS offensive to upgrade BIT and complete EAEU FTA agreements
Trade meetings with China, Brazil and India are paving the way for a rapid increase in Russia-BRICS trade and underpinning its strengths
Brazil, Australia start agricultural trade deal talks
The Brazilian and Australian governments have opened talks aimed at forging new agricultural trade agreements after representatives of both countries met this week, the Brazilian agriculture ministry says.
There are many ways to rebuild Brazil: EU-Mercosur trade deal is not one of them
It is time to fundamentally change trade relations to put the environment, climate and human rights at the centre and dismantle the legacy of neo-colonial economics.