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Latin America could halt EU trade talks over return directive
Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, has warned that trade talks between the European Union and the Andean Community could be suspended if the 27-member bloc pushes ahead with its new immigration law.
Bolivian president urges Peruvian counterpart to respect Andean Community rules
Bolivian President Evo Morales on Tuesday urged his Peruvian counterpart Alan Garcia to respect the pledges made under the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) before signing any unilateral free trade agreements
Venezuela proposes food crisis fund at controversial trans-Atlantic summit
Of primary emphasis at the summit were the EU’s trade deals, termed “association accords,” with South America’s Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and the southern free trade block MERCOSUR.
EU polishes trade talks with Latin America - except Mercosur
The European Union brushed up its trade talks with Latin American regional blocs Saturday in Lima, making progress with Mexico, the Andean Community and Central America. But progress with the Mercosur bloc that includes the region’s economic giants of Brazil and Argentina, with Venezuela in the midst of seeking ratification to join, remained stalled.
Biofuels, food and trade top EU-Latin America Summit
European and Latin American leaders pledged to deepen trade ties between their two regions and tackle global warming and poverty at the fifth EU-Latin America-Caribbean Summit in Lima.
Round three of negotiations between the European Union and the Andean Community
The third round of negotiations for an association agreement between the European Union and the Andean Community (CAN), which took place between April 21st and 25th in Quito, began with a discussion of the asymmetries that exist between the two regions.
CAN intensifies preparations for the third round of CAN-EU negotiations
The Andean Community Member Countries intensified their preparations this week for the Third Round of Negotiations for the establishment of an Association Agreement with the European Union, which will be held this coming April 21 to 25 in Quito
Grim present, dim future for Andean integration
The Andean countries are passing through the gates of the new year with their trade bloc, the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), fraying at the edges.
Be careful what you wish for: Peru gets its free trade agreement with the United States
Peruvian society, and what is worse, most politicians in the Andean countries, do not seem to have adequately grasped the reach of FTAs with the United States, and tend to evaluate them in purely commercial terms.
Venezuela mulls return to CAN
President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that Venezuela may return to the Andean Community, or CAN, because leftist leaders in Bolivia and Ecuador who have resisted free trade deals with the United States could help to transform the regional trade bloc.
Bolivia for sovereignty in EU talks
The Bolivian Deputy Minister of Economic Relations and Foreign Trade Pablo Guzman said that his country will demand sovereignty of natural resources, public services and intellectual property in its negotiations with the European Union.
CAN, EU begin talks toward free trade and association
Negotiators from the four CAN nations — Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia — and from the EU will meet all week in Bogota to talk about goals, procedures, timetables and negotiation terms.
Venezuela opposes free trade agreement between CAN and European Union
Chavez warns CAN to reject a free-trade agreement with the European Union (EU) as unacceptable in the present circumstances. The Bolivian President has told Chavez that he agrees and cannot accept the free-trade agreement with the EU.
Bolivia intent on commercial suicide?
The Bolivian government is committing “commercial suicide,” said the Bolivian chamber of exporters, saying it was “one of the most unfortunate steps in the recent history of integration.” Yet all the Bolivian Government had done was explain that, in negotiations for an Association Agreement with the European Union, it was not prepared to negotiate away State control on issues of intellectual property, state purchases or procurement, international arbitration of investments and public services.
Bolivia offers compromise at trade summit
Bolivia’s willingness to bend its anti-globalization stance allowed Andean leaders work out a common stand on a trade deal with the European Union at a summit here Thursday.
Ecuador to mediate Andes for EU deal
Ecuadorian chancellor, Maria Fernanda Espinosa affirmed that her country will mediate differences within the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) prior to the upcoming summit.
Declaration of Andean and Latin American social movements on the EU-CAN Association Agreement
The movements and social organizations of Bolivia, countries of the Andean region and of Latin America feel deeply concerned about the consequences that an Association Agreement between the Community of Andean Nations (CAN) and the European Union (EU) could have for our peoples, which in its trade component includes a Free Trade Agreement, very similar to the FTAA (ALCA) that we buried only recently.
EU trade with Latin America sets new record
European trade with Latin America will grow as a result of growing interest among companies on each side of the Atlantic, as will European investment in the region, which is already growing significantly. And while free trade agreements with Central America and the Andean Community will help boost EU trade with Latin America, the big prize is Mercosur.
FDCL alert: European free trade onslaught in Latin America
European Union endorses highly dangerous negotiation mandates for free trade areas with Central America and the Andean Community