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Central America

EU asks C. America to select single negotiator for trade talks
EU foreign relations director-general Eneko Landaburu on Monday urged Central American nations to choose a single negotiator for talks on an association agreement between the two trade blocs.
Chen lauds ties with Central American allies
Taiwan will continue to enhance economic ties with its Central American allies through either bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) or the "Jung Pang Project," President Chen Shui-bian said yesterday.
Nations rush to make trade pacts
Within days of taking office, Peruvian President Alan García named economist Hernando de Soto — a man he calls ’’the most prestigious Peruvian’’ — as his chief lobbyist to push a free trade agreement through the U.S. Congress.
Costa Rican unions condition FTA with Europe
Costa Rican trade union leaders on Wednesday said that that they will support the Association Treaty with the European Union for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), but ruled out any similarity with US-sponsored accords.
EU forges ahead with free trade plans
The European Union and six Central American leaders said Saturday they hoped to launch free trade talks before the end of the year.
Panama to relaunch FTA with CentAm
The Central American Integration System (SICA) Special Meeting of Heads of State or Government will allow Panama to relaunch negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the area, official sources said.
EU says customs agreement with C. America prerequisite for free trade deal
A customs agreement with Central America should precede talks on the proposed free trade deal, said the European Union’s representative to Central America on Friday.
EU, Central America to decide on talks
The European Union and Central American officials will decide whether to launch free trade talks in May, officials said Monday.
Canada contemplates innovative bilateral trade initiatives
Canada has pursued trade opportunities beyond the U.S. by entering into a number of traditional and innovative bilateral agreements.
Senate confirms Portman as US Trade Representative
The US Senate has confirmed President Bush’s nomination of Representative Rob Portman to be trade representative. In a statement, Portman said "Congressional approval of the Central American and Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement, China trade issues, the enforcement of existing agreements, keeping on pace the Doha talks to lower trade barriers, and our ongoing regional and bilateral trade negotiations, are all front and center issues for me."
Free trade negotiations suspended between Canada and Central America
Free trade agreement talks scheduled for this week between Central America and Canada have been suspended, a Honduran business leader said Sunday.