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Central America

The remarkable life and legacy of indigenous leader Berta Cáceras
Honduran environmental activist Berta Cáceres was a strong voice against free trade and fought for the Lenca people’s right to live on their sacred land.
S. Korea, Panama hold policy consultations on bilateral ties, trade
South Korea signed the FTA with Panama and the four Central American countries — Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador — which have already finished the domestic procedures for the agreement.
Report: US free trade pact means junk food for developing nations
The US is exporting ever-more processed foods, as well as meat, to the region, while making it harder for farmers there to supply healthy foods for the local market.
S. Korea’s FTA with 5 Central American nations partially takes effect on Oct. 1
South Korea’s free trade agreement with five Central American countries becomes partially effective on 1 Oct, putting the country on path to enjoy near tariff-free access to markets across the Latin and South American map.
UK and Central America sign continuity agreement
This agreement replicates the existing EU-Central America trading relationship and will ensure continuity in the trading relationship between the UK and Central America.
The battle for Latin America: How the US helped destroy the “pink tide”
After sponsoring juntas until well into the 1990s, the US went after Central and South America with “free trade” deals before once again working with extremists.
Costa Rica legislators approve TLC with Korea
Negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea was begun by the Chinchilla administration (2010-2014), completed in 2016 and now only requires the President’s signature to go into force.
Honduras and South Korea FTA will soon enter into force
The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Honduras and South Korea is about to enter into force; the National Congress of the Republic has already approved it.
Korea signs FTA with Central America
Le traité commercial a officiellement été signé entre le ministre délégué au Commerce extérieur Kim Hyun-chong et les représentants du Costa Rica, du Salvador, du Honduras, du Nicaragua et du Panama.
S. Korea, Central American countries to hold technical meeting for FTA
South Korea and five Central American countries will hold a technical meeting in Seoul for a final review of the full text of a bilateral free trade agreement.
S. Korea tentatively signs FTA with 5 Central American countries
South Korea and a group of Central American countries have tentatively signed a free trade agreement.
S. Korea, six Central American countries sign free trade deal
South Korea reached an agreement with six Central American countries on a free trade deal, which is expected to pave wider ways for Asia’s fourth-largest economy to tap deeply into the continent.
S. Korea, Central America to begin 7th round of FTA negotiations
South Korea kicks off another round of free trade negotiations with six Central American countries in Seoul.
Free trade’s chilling effects
The TPP threatens to extend the most draconian feature of the contemporary free trade model: private corporation’s ability to sue sovereign nations.
S. Korea, Costa Rica agree to strive for early conclusion of FTA negotiations
The leaders of South Korea and Costa Rica agreed Wednesday to strive for an early conclusion of free trade negotiations between the Asian nation and six Central American countries
S. Korea to hold 5th round of FTA talks with 6 Central American countries
South Korea plans to strengthen intellectual property rights and competition laws in order to help its domestic firms push into the Central American markets.
S. Korea to hold new round of talks for FTA with Central America
South Korea will hold a fresh round of negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) with six Central American countries.
The impact of CAFTA: drugs, gangs, and immigration
It’s clear that the free-trade panacea promised by policymakers, especially its most enthusiastic cheerleaders has not come to pass.
Korea starts FTA talks with six Central American countries
If sealed, Korea will be the first Asian country to have an FTA with the six Central American countries — Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama — giving Korean products an edge over rival exporters like Japan and China.