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Diana Mondino: Mercosur must open up to ‘agreements with other countries’
Argentina’s Foreign Minister Diana Mondino calls for modernisation of Mercosur rules and backs push for free-trade deal with China.
Dhaka, Beijing will begin FTA negotiations soon
Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh said Bangladesh and China have exchanged the feasibility study reports on free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries last week, which he sees as a major development in Dhaka-Beijing economic and trade cooperation.
China rolls out cross-border trade in services negative lists
China has rolled out national and pilot free trade zone versions of negative lists for cross-border trade in services to boost opening up, the Ministry of Commerce announced.
China, Honduras hold 4th round of FTA negotiations
The fourth round of negotiations on the China-Honduras Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was held in Beijing from Tuesday to Thursday, the Ministry of Commerce said.
China to speed up accession to CPTPP
China will use a variety of channels to engage in multilevel communication and exchanges with all relevant parties in order to speed up its accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, said the Ministry of Commerce.
China’s FTA partners reach 29: govt data
China has signed free trade agreements with 29 countries and regions. According to government data, the trade value between China and these partners accounts for about a third of the nation’s total foreign trade value.
China shows flexibility on Sri Lanka FTA after temporary halt: Chief Negotiator
China shows flexibility in resuming Free Trade Agreement talks with Sri Lanka after a brief halt, addressing disagreements on tariff lists and reciprocity. Sri Lanka, caught in a geopolitical tug-of-war between China and India, seeks foreign inflows amidst an economic crisis. The talks were briefly paused due to disagreements over tariff lines and liberalization.
Ecuador’s parliament ratifies free trade agreement with China
The National Assembly of Ecuador, the country’s unicameral legislature, ratified a free trade agreement with China.
China, Honduras sign FTA early harvest arrangement
The two sides agreed to commence respective domestic procedures to bring the early harvest arrangement into force.
China – Sri Lanka FTA talks stall following disagreements
Talks between China and Sri Lanka on a Free Trade Agreement have stalled following disagreements on certain issues, including on the level of liberalization.
Anti-China sentiment could sink a free trade deal with Ecuador
The ratification of the Ecuador-China Free Trade Agreement, signed in 2022, faces significant hurdles in the nation’s National Assembly, as the dissolution of the assembly by President Lasso and subsequent snap elections, along with concerns about transparency and public engagement during the negotiation process.
Country to pursue FTAs to build new partnerships
China will push ahead an extensive lineup of free trade agreement negotiations this year, as part of the country’s efforts to foster deeper economic integration and forge new partnerships, opening-up opportunities for increased foreign trade and stable economic growth.
Ecuador-China free trade agreement poses serious environmental risks, critics say
The focus of concern has been the waste that Ecuador would receive from China, including pharmaceutical products, electrical parts, batteries, scrap metal, single-use plastics, glass and contaminated liquids.
China to impose further limits on ECFA trade agreement with Taiwan
Following Beijing’s decision to revoke several preferential tariff provisions under the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between China and Taiwan, Beijing looks set to impose more limitations and may be preparing to scrap the ECFA entirely.
China and Switzerland to revive push to upgrade free-trade agreement
China and Switzerland will start talks to upgrade their free-trade agreement, Chinese Premier Li Qiang announced in Bern on Monday, as he opened his 2024 diplomatic calendar with an official visit to the Alpine nation.
India did well in not joining RCEP
In the two years since it came into force, RCEP has benefited China much more than other member nations.
FTA between China, New Zealand now in full implementation: Chinese Embassy
All dairy products exported from New Zealand to China are now able to enter China duty-free and quota-free.
Taiwan slams China for mulling further suspension of tariff cuts
Taiwan slammed China’s decision to study measures to suspend tariff concessions on more Taiwanese imports after the mainland scrapped preferential tariffs on a dozen chemical products from the island from the start of the year.
Thailand to pursue FTA with China despite nearly US$30 bn deficit
Thailand and China plan to resume bilateral free trade agreement negotiations this year despite Thailand’s mounting trade deficit with China of nearly US$30 billion.
China-Nicaragua free trade agreement comes into effect
The FTA provides immediate access to that market for 60 percent of the Nicaraguan products.