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Auto firms drive protest against free trade pacts
After plantations and agriculture, its now the turn of the auto sector to protest against free trade agreements (FTA).
Beijing nears the barriers in FTA race
For many farmers in both China and Australia, whose agricultural trade experts were attending a conference last Wednesday, rain is a rarity, so longing looks were cast at the muddy streets and umbrellas outside. The conference, focused on the agricultural issues involved in negotiating a Free Trade Agreement, was held in Xian, the ancient capital of 13 Chinese dynasties and the heartland of Chinese agriculture.
China refuses to put cards on trade table
Agriculture minister Peter McGauran’s lightning trip to Xian, home of the famed terracotta warriors, yesterday was to open a joint agriculture conference intended to persuade the Chinese that Australian farmers are no threat to their 800 million peasant counterparts, most of whom are barely above the poverty line and who form a potentially volatile force in Chinese politics.
Nothing cropped from agriculture in Australia-China FTA
All agricultural products remain on the table in talks for a free trade agreement with China - which Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran describes as the "single most important thing" anyone can do for Australia’s farming industry.
Nippon Keidanren urges Abe govt to mend ties with China, S. Korea
The Japan Business Federation, or Nippon Keidanren, on Tuesday urged the new government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to repair the country’s soured relations with China and South Korea in order for Japan to achieve its goal of concluding an economic partnership agreement with ASEAN, China and South Korea.
African trade links on upsurge
A striking increase in trade and investment between China, India and Africa holds great potential for growth and job creation in the poverty-stricken sub-Sahara, a World Bank study released on Sunday said.
UNICE speech - EU-China Business Summit
Outline intervention by Michael Treschow, Vice-President, UNICE (Confederation of European Business)
Employment implications of trade liberalization with East Asia
This study examines the employment impacts of Canada’s existing bilateral trade relationships with East Asia, and the likely employment effects of the proposed Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA).
Africa’s silk road: China and India’s new economic frontier
Skyrocketing Asian trade and investment in Africa show the beginning of a change in world trade patterns, according to a new World Bank report. The report contains a chapter on trade and investment agreements between Asia and Africa.
Merkel eyes free trade zone to help the west rival China
Spurred by concern about China’s growing economic might, Germany is considering a plan for a free-trade zone between Europe and the US.
China to advance bilateral and regional free trade negotiation
China will not shy away from using bilateral or regional free trade agreements to facilitate trade, the Ministry of Commerce said on Friday. The remarks came after WTO chief Pascal Lamy warned that China’s pursuit of separate bilateral and regional free trade agreements would harm its long-term commercial interests.
Workshop discusses competitiveness of Viet Nam’s farm produce in China
Viet Nam’s farm produce are facing challenges in the Chinese market as a result of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (AC-FTA), in particular stronger competition from the products of other ASEAN countries.
Japan looks to play leading role in regional trade
Amid growing concern that Japan could be left behind by the proliferation of regional trade agreements, the government recently floated a proposal for what it describes as a comprehensive economic partnership for East Asia.
China competition ’hurts manufacturers’
Australia’s manufacturers are feeling the pinch from China, booking losses of close to $1 billion as they try to compete with the emerging economic giant, a new report said.
Beijing condemns protectionism
China has voiced its concern over increasing trade protectionism by its counterparts, which it sees as the main threat to its competitiveness in the world market.
Rann wants China FTA on COAG agenda
The South Australian Government is pushing for debate on the proposed China free trade agreement at the next premiers’ meeting, worried the deal could hurt Australia’s manufacturing sector.
With free trade zones, what’s the fate of communities?
As Chinese companies prepare to invest in Lekki Trade Free Zone, about 300,000 dwellers of 26 Lagos suburbs, who are primarily farmers and fishermen, are faced with displacement from their fatherland.
Cullen confident re NZ-China FTA
New Zealand Finance Minister Michael Cullen is confident trade talks with China can be completed successfully.
China, EU to launch talks on framework agreement
China and the European Union (EU) have agreed to launch negotiations on a framework agreement, which will encompass the full scope of their bilateral relationship, said Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Saturday.
EU seeks trade accords with China, Korea as WTO talks stumble
The European Union said it will seek bilateral trade deals with China and Korea, exploring new ways of conquering foreign markets as talks over a global trade pact flounder.