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China’s Minister of Commerce holds talks with EU Trade Commissioner
The two officials exchanged views on modification of the present economic cooperation agreement between EU and China.
AmCham pushes for direct cross-straits links
Officials of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei said in Washington, DC Thursday that setting up direct cross-Taiwan Strait links could fast-track a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the United States and Taiwan.
Canada lags in global trade race: Emerson
Canada has rested on its resource-boom laurels and has fallen behind in the global race to sign free-trade deals with other countries, Trade Minister David Emerson warns.
Australia given signal of services fight
Beijing has told Canberra that opening access to China’s services industry will be the most difficult aspect in bilateral free-trade negotiations, according to an Australian official.
China urges Korea to conclude free trade agreement
Beijing wants an FTA with Korea to alleviate its chronic trade deficit with its neighbor. Seoul is more reserved on the issue, since it could cause a surge in cheap agricultural produce and light industry goods.
Australia at your service, but China still cagey
After a year of skirmishing, Australia’s free trade discussions with China are taking shape, with China agreeing in principle to include the sensitive areas of government procurement and investment in any agreement.
US ’better free trade partner than Japan, China’
The US is a much better free-trade partner for Korea than China or Japan, where issues of race and historical animosities would make an agreement difficult, Korea’s chief negotiator in free-trade talks with the US said Thursday.
Pakistan begins talks with China for free trade accord
Pakistan is in separate bilateral talks with China and Malaysia to ease trade restrictions between the nations and is close to signing an accord with Singapore, commerce minister Humayun Akhtar said.
Free trade match kick-off
Winning the soccer World Cup in Germany next month would be a cinch compared with winning special access to Chinese markets for Australian farmers, investors and service providers.
Chinese proposal for FTA items’ classification rejected
Pakistan has rejected a Chinese demand that 90 percent items covered under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) should be put on positive list and remaining 10 percent in negative mode.
China, Pakistan agree on basic terms of free trade pact
China and Pakistan have agreed on the basic terms of their bilateral free trade pact, officials close to the free trade arrangement (FTA) talks told Xinhua.
Treasury dismisses bilateral free trade deals in Asia
Australia’s Treasury has dismissed the Australian Government’s quest for bilateral free trade deals in Asia, saying that there are no clear benefits.
Further NZ-China FTA talks
A further round of New Zealand-China FTA negotiations will take place in Queenstown next week (15-19 May).
Energy concerns fueling Japan’s drive to pursue free trade pact
Energy resource-poor Japan is turning to a free-trade agreement, or FTA, with oil and gas-rich trading partners to secure stable supplies to fuel the world’s second largest economy.
India aiming for Pan-Asian FTA: Manmohan
Having concluded free trade agreements with SAARC, Singapore and Thailand, India is pursuing similar arrangements with several other Asian countries, the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, said here on Friday.
Vaile pushes for broad Chinese FTA
Federal Trade Minister Mark Vaile says wheat and beef must be included in any Australian free trade agreement (FTA) with China.
FTA with Japan, China would hurt local fisheries sector: report
A free trade pact between South Korea, China and Japan could damage South Korea’s fisheries industry, a report said Wednesday.
At your service: Chinese FTA win
Australia’s service providers - including the big banks, universities and construction and transport companies - yesterday received the strongest indication yet that they may be among the winners from the free trade agreement being negotiated with China.
China is losing its single voice
Businesspeople naturally admire decisiveness. This is one reason why China is so widely sought by corporate Australia as a trade and investment partner.
The US and China: strategic disconnect
A large set of strategic economic and security questions will challenge both US and Chinese leaders over the next decade. These relate directly to the growth of Asian regionalism, with attendant political institutions, decisions regarding new regional trade and investment agreements, as well as a potential new security architecture for at least East and South Asia.