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China, Chile reach agreement on trade in cargo on their way to FTA
Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced here Friday that China and Chile have reached agreement on trade in cargo which is an important step towards the establishment of their free trade area (FTA).
Few trade gains from ’early harvest’: Sino-Thai pact misunderstood
Tariff reductions on fruit and vegetables agreed on two years ago between Thailand and China have provided little benefit to the Thai economy.
President Chen urges US, Japan to consider FTAs with Taiwan
President Chen Shui-bian on Tuesday urged the United States and Japan to consider signing free trade agreements with Taiwan, saying that only by having such agreements in place can the island’s economy stand without heavily depending on China and can security and peace in the Asia-Pacific region be maintained.
Free trade pact with Chile on horizon
China and Chile launched the fifth round of talks towards a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) yesterday in Beijing, and hopes to be the last round of negotiations for a formal agreement.
China, ASEAN march towards world’s 3rd largest FTA
With a fast growing trade volume, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are trying to show the world that the planned free trade area will be an accelerator for regional economy.
Peters to oppose FTA with China
New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters says he will continue to oppose a free trade agreement with China, although it is government policy to negotiate one.
Real deal is in the fine print
For Australian manufacturing companies the key concessions of any FTA with China are only half the battle - the devil is in the detail.
China-ASEAN FTA steps into implementation period
With cooperation between China and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) deepening, the construction of a China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA) has entered a full-spectrum cooperation period, said Chong Quan, spokesman for China’s Commerce Ministry.
BOK head calls for FTAs in N-E Asia
The nation’s top central banker Monday stressed the need for speeding up the formation of free trade agreements (FTAs) among Korea, China and Japan, to boost regional cooperation and mutual investment.
Japan, China, S. Korea aim to conclude investment talks in Nov.
Japan, China and South Korea agreed Friday they will aim to conclude in late November talks to explore a trilateral legal framework for investment, as they failed to do so during the latest meeting in Tokyo, Japanese officials said.
China FTA to boost wool sales: report
Australian wool producers would reap a $780 million windfall if barriers to trade with China were ripped down, a new report has found.
President pitches for FTA with Honduras
Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian made a pitch for the signing of a free trade agreement with Honduras during a state banquet host by him for visiting Honduras President Ricardo Maduro yesterday.
Thailand’s bilateral trade pacts face mixed reception
Thailand has been aggressively negotiating bilateral and regional trade agreements in the face of the uncertainty over whether the WTO will reach a deal on liberalizing global trade. But the agreements fail to live up to expectations of increased trade and investment.
China’s New World trade coveted, feared
China pursues stronger economic ties with Latin American and the Caribbean. But will the new relationship spur development or be a step backward?
Chile close on China FTA
Chilean President Ricardo Lagos said his country could sign the first free trade agreement with China in November following the conclusion of the final round of talks in October.
Chile-China trade pact could be signed in November
Chile and China could sign a free trade agreement as early as November, tying together the world’s biggest producer and consumer of copper, Chilean President Ricardo Lagos told Reuters on Tuesday.
An Asian economic community?
There is a lot of anxiety in the developed world that Asia, buttressed by markets such as China and India, might be emerging as a big free trade block by itself.
China likely to profit most from Asean free-trade deal
Thailand’s trade deficit with China could be as high as $2 billion in 2018, when the Asean-China free trade area (FTA) agreement becomes fully operational, a study by Chulalongkorn University shows.
China-ASEAN FTA to be one of world’s three pillars
As China and ASEAN are stepping up the construction of a free trade area (FTA) between them, the value of imports and exports of this zone will hopefully exceed that of the NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) by 2010 and its GDP will likely be higher than that in the European Union market.
’Death’ of Benguet veggie industry looms
The feared "demise" of the Benguet vegetable industry due to the free trade agreement looms. Growers expressed this fear when vegetables from Benguet were not excluded from the Early Harvest Program (EHP) signed by the Chinese and Philippine governments.