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Union slams China FTA, industry wary
Australia’s proposed free trade agreement with China is on early shaky ground with a union leader claiming it’s based on a lie and industry warning it should not be accepted at any cost.
Howard plays down China FTA talks
Australian Prime Minister John Howard has played down the significance of securing a free-trade agreement with China. "Whether or not we start free-trade negotiations, or whether they are brought to a satisfactory conclusion, I do not want to see that become the benchmark of whether or not we have a good relationship."
China, Gulf states to almost triple trade over next five years
China is in discussions with the Gulf Cooperation Council to establish a free trade agreement (FTA) which is expected to take effect this year. The GCC member states hold 45 percent of the world’s oil reserves and account for 20 percent of oil production, and an FTA would help China shore up its energy supplies.
Australia should press ahead with China FTA: Trade Minister Vaile
Australia should push ahead with negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China despite the risks and difficulties involved in engaging with the Communist nation, Trade Minister Mark Vaile said.
China proposes FTA with India after landmark political accord
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao today announced the decision of India and China to institute a joint feasibility study on a Free Trade Area (FTA) Agreement between the two countries, having signed a landmark political accord to settle the lingering boundary dispute.
Australia-China FTA feasibility study
Report of a joint feasibility study, leading to the launch of FTA negotiations.
Cashing in on our pharmaceutical expertise
One important provision in a China-Australia Free Trade Agreement could be the establishment of a Medicines Working Committee. This committee would facilitate cooperation, collaborations and joint ventures between Australian and Chinese pharmaceutical regulators, clinical trial and biotechnology researchers, as well as generic manufacturers.
India yes to Bipa, no to FTA/RTA
The government of India is set to initial a Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (Bipa) with China with the two pending issues on security and legal jurisdiction being sorted out by the National Security Adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office. A free trade agreement, however, looks distant with the domestic industry raising serious concerns.
Why an FTA gives us cold feet
why is China so keen on an FTA and India less eager?
Chinese PM to press FTA deal with India
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will propose to establish the world’s biggest Free Trade Area (FTA) between China and India during talks with the Indian leadership next week.
New requirement imposed on fruit exports to China
Fruit exporters seeking to enjoy tariff-free access to China must ensure that their products come from orchards certified by local authorities, starting on May 1.
SPS: New requirement imposed on Thai fruit exports to China
Thai fruit exporters seeking to enjoy tariff-free access to China must ensure that their products come from orchards certified by local authorities, starting on May 1.
Pak, China agree to FTA
Pakistan and China Wednesday finally agreed on the ever first free Trade Agreement (FTA) under which both sides have agreed to cut down excise duty and bring the tariff to zero on the different daily use commodities.
FTA logical agenda item: Wen
Maintaining that establishment of a free trade area (FTA) between China and India has become a ‘‘logical agenda’’ item, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has expressed hope that the two sides will soon begin their feasibility study of FTA.
Wen hopes India, China will work out FTA soon
Maintaining that establishment of a free trade area (FTA) between China and India has become a "logical agenda" item, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has expressed the hope that the two sides will begin their feasibility study of FTA soon.
India, China may opt for RTA rather than FTA
India and China may opt for a regional trade arrangement (RTA) when the two heads of state, Dr Manmohan Singh and Wen Jiabao, meet next weekend in New Delhi.
The mother of all FTAs
Riding on a 79% growth in bilateral trade in 2004 at US$14 billion, China has expressed an interest in formulating a free-trade agreement (FTA) with India, saying that closer trade relations could make it easier to solve political differences. If the FTA is achieved, it would result in the biggest free-trade region in the world.
China pitching for FTA with India
China is pushing for a free trade agreement (FTA) with India which, it claims, would result in the biggest free trade region in the world.
China, Australia inch closer to FTA talks
China and Australia may be one step nearer to launching talks on a free trade agreement (FTA), and a feasibility study to be released this month strongly proposes the deal.
China fears FTA’s impact on farming
As the prospect of Australia and China negotiating a free trade agreement (FTA) appears increasingly likely, China has flagged that Australian farmers may not get all they wish for.