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China, ROK initiated joint study on feasibility of FTA
China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) have initiated the non-government joint study on the feasibility of free trade agreement (FTA), announced Wang Mengkui, director of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) here Monday.
Howard cautious on China FTA
Prime Minister John Howard said tonight Australia would continue to have strong trade links to China even if a free trade agreement could not be settled.
No rush in free-trade deal with US - DTI
Philippine Trade and Industry Secretary Juan B. Santos said there is no rush in the proposed bilateral free-trade agreement with the US noting the country’s trade with the US is slowly losing steam while gaining markets elsewhere particularly, ASEAN, Japan and Greater China.
Piracy Threat to China FTA
Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout has warned Chinese officials that intellectual piracy could be a critical block to plans for a free trade agreement, with international agencies estimating that 90 per cent of copyright goods sold in China are counterfeit.
COMESA looks forward to cementing ties with China
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretary General Erastus Mwencha said his organization is looking forward to strengthening its relations with China, particularly in the area of trade and investment. He declined to elaborate on details of the trade agreement, but implied that it will be something like the Economic Partnership Agreement being negotiated by COMESA with the European Union or the Africa Growth Opportunity Act of the United States.
China human rights not FTA issue: Downer
Australia should not try to raise human rights issues with China if formal talks about a free trade agreement begin, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says. "You won’t get the free trade agreement and you won’t get any improvements in human rights."
Howard eyes Chinese free trade deal
Prime Minister John Howard says there is a good chance Australia will begin negotiating with China on a free trade deal. China is Australia’s third largest trading partner and the Government says if an agreement is signed it could be worth tens of billions of dollars to the Australian economy.
FTA with China may take five years
A free trade deal with China may take up to five years to negotiate but it will cover contentious areas including cuts to Australia’s textile and clothing tariffs.
China moves on free trade negotiations
China will continue to actively pursue the establishment of free trade areas (FTA) after starting talks on this issue with 23 countries across the world.
Protest against free trade with China
Many New Zealanders are very concerned about free trade with China for various reasons.
Pakistan, China to sign trade agreement in April
Pakistan and China want finalisation of an early harvest programme to finally sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
China-Japan-Korea investment opportunities studied
A joint study group, consisting of members from China, Japan and South Korea, issued a report recently on possible trilateral investment arrangements between the three countries, which recommended that a legal framework concerning investment among the three countries should be explored in the near future. Such an investment arrangement, if well operated, would give a fresh boost to the start of FTA negotiations.
China’s trade dance with NZ
Why would a super-nation such as China single out New Zealand for trade talks when other countries are lining up?
Technology: China FTA more sweet than sour for tech firms
Despite concerns over piracy, New Zealand IT firms are licking their lips over free trade with China.
The case for a China trade deal
The Howard Government is moving inevitably towards a free trade agreement with China. That is no bad thing. In the absence of any meaningful progress at the World Trade Organisation, a medium-sized economy such as Australia has few options but to pursue bilateral pacts with powerhouse economies such as China.
China-Chile FTA talks smooth
China and Chile are satisfied with the achievements of their first round of talks for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Stop the mad pursuit of bilateral free trade and economic partnership agreements!
We - farmers, fisherfolks, rural women, workers from the formal and informal sectors, and NGOs belonging to the Stop the New Round! Coalition - express our strong opposition to the Philippines government’s mad pursuit of bilateral free trade agreements particularly with Japan, China and the USA.
China, Chile launch FTA negotiation
China and Chile officially launched negotiations Tuesday to establish a free trade area (FTA) between the two countries.
China’s first foreign-owned car dealer to open
Hong Kong-based auto dealer Triangle Motors will become the first wholly overseas invested company to sell vehicles on the mainland when it opens a dealership in Guangzhou.
FTA opens new horizon for China’s economic growth
China has started talks with 23 countries across the world in a bid to build free trade areas (FTA) that experts say will open new horizon for China’s economic growth.