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World Bank tribunal rules against Canadian miner in legal dispute with Colombia
The World Bank’s ICSID ruled in favour of Colombia in a feud with Canada’s Montauk Metals after finding that the mining ban imposed by the Gustavo Petro administration on the Santurbán moor does not violate the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement signed in 2008.
UAE and Ecuador begin Cepa talks to bolster trade ties
The UAE has started talks for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with Ecuador as the Arab world’s second-largest economy continues to focus on strengthening trade ties with different countries across the globe.
Colombia signs trade agreement with UAE
The governments of Colombia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a free trade agreement, Colombia’s first ever with an Arab nation.
Their mines ruined communities. Now they want compensation
In Colombia, lawsuits by foreign corporations are obstructing a fossil fuel phase-out at the expense of the indigenous Wayúu community.
UAE says it concludes free trade agreement with Colombia
The UAE said it had concluded the terms of a trade deal with Colombia, which it called the first such bilateral agreement between the Gulf and South America.
Colombian president wants to amend free trade accord with US
President Gustavo Petro announced that he wants to renegotiate a free trade accord that Colombia has with the United States, the main destination for its exports.
Colombia: corporate claims vs human rights
International Delegation stands with mining-affected people to urge administration of President Gustavo Petro to withdraw from corporate courts.
NGO’s urge Colombia to sink investor protection treaties
Investment disputes led to $2.4 billion claims in Colombia.
Venezuela and Colombia sign agreement on investments protection
The President of Venezuela signed with the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia an agreement for the promotion and protection of investments between both nations.
Colombia, Venezuela revive trade deal after 4-year suspension
The leaders of Colombia and Venezuela on Thursday renewed a trade deal that had been suspended for four years, in the latest rapprochement between the neighbors.
CCAJAR calls for the elimination of investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms in “free trade” agreements
Colombia is now facing thirteen investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) claims in process and eight more in initial stages that total an estimated USD $2 billion.
US agrees to revise “free trade” treaty with Colombia: officials
The governments of Colombia and the United States will negotiate revisions to their controversial “free” trade agreement, the trade minister confirmed.
Colombian courts must not be undermined by shadowy international tribunals, say campaigners
International organizations appeal to Colombia’s highest court over human rights violations at one of the largest open pit coal mines in the world.
Colombia UK post-Brexit bilateral trade agreement goes into force
After completing government protocols, Colombia and the United Kingdom put into force the trade agreement signed in May 2019.
Colombia has formalized its free trade agreement with the United Kingdom
High-level sources revealed that Colombia has completed all its internal constitutional and legal procedures for the entry into force of the free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.
UAE, Colombia complete phase one of economic partnership agreement
The UAE and Colombia announced that they have completed phase one of their Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.
The conflict between traditional miners in Marmato and Canadian transnational mining companies: Another ISDS dispute over natural resources in Colombia
In Marmato, the foreign investment promotion and protection system facilitated the transformation of the traditional small-scale mining regime into a transnational large-scale mining regime.
Singapore, Pacific Alliance countries sign trade agreement
Singapore has signed a free trade agreement with the Pacific Alliance - made up of Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile - those governments said on Wednesday, in a deal they said would facilitate trade and closer ties with Asia.
Japan, Colombia agree to accelerate EPA negotiations
Japan and Colombia have agreed to proceed with negotiations on a bilateral economic partnership agreement swiftly.
Spain and Colombia sign new BIT
Spain and Colombia signed a new BIT on September 16, 2021. Both countries sought to modernize the previous treaty, which had come into force in 2005.