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Costa Rica

Costa Rica wins arbitration against Canadian miner Infinito Gold
Costa Rica announced that the international litigation filed by the Canadian mining company Infinito Gold has ended after Costa Rican Justices closed the gold deposit in 2010 due to environmental impact.
Infinito Gold withdraws Crucitas mining claim against Costa Rica
The Canadian mining company Infinito Gold has decided to drop a claim against Costa Rica for the failed Crucitas project in Cutris de San Carlos.
UAE and Costa Rica sign trade deal, UAE president says
The United Arab Emirates and Costa Rica have signed an agreement that will help improve bilateral trade and investment ties, UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said.
UAE, Costa Rica agree terms on a comprehensive economic partnership agreement
The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade and his Costa Rican counterpart have signed a joint statement confirming the conclusion of negotiations toward a comprehensive economic partnership agreement.
Could Costa Rica join USMCA?
Costa Rica’s trade czar wants to solidify the country’s relationships with North America’s biggest markets.
Investors sue Costa Rica over hydroelectric plant’s expropriation
Three German investors have filed an investment arbitration claim against Costa Rica for the expropriation of their land for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant.
Costa Rica will negotiate a free trade agreement with Israel
The Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, Manuel Tovar, and the Minister of Economy and Industry of Israel, Nir Barkart, signed a memorandum of understanding on free trade.
UAE, Costa Rica to launch free trade talks
The UAE launched the CEPA programme in September 2021 to expand its trade and investment partnership with several strategic global markets, increase the size of trade exchanges and enhance growth opportunities for national exports.
Costa Rica and Ecuador sign trade agreement
The deal focuses on goods exports, plus facilitating discussions on best practices for gender-related issues in trade, workers’ rights, environmentalism and corporate responsibility.
Costa Rica seeks entry to North America trade pact
Costa Rica has told the United States it is interested in joining the North American trade pact between the United States, Mexico and Canada, President Rodrigo Chaves said.
Ecuador makes progress in FTA negotiations with Costa Rica
For Ecuador, reaching an FTA with Costa Rica is key in its strategy to consolidate the country’s position in the Central American market where it already has trade agreements with Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Seeking a free trade agreement
Costa Rica’s Minister for External Trade was in Israel this month to examine possibilities of expanding trade relations between his country and Israel.
Costa Rica seeks entry to trans-Pacific trade bloc
Costa Rica formalized its request to join a trade partnership of 11 countries across Asia, Australia and the Americas, President Rodrigo Chaves announced.
Costa Rica hopes to join TPP free trade deal
Costa Rican President has expressed hope that the Central American country will start negotiations to join the 11-country Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal.
Costa Rica says wins arbitration case over open-pit gold mine
An international arbitration panel ruled Costa Rica does not owe Canadian miner Infinito Gold compensation after the cancellation of a mining project a decade ago.
S. Korea-Central America FTA set for full implementation in March
South Korea said its free trade agreement (FTA) with a group of Central American nations will be fully implemented starting next month as Panama completed its domestic procedures.
Central American nation Costa Rica seeks Preferential Trade Agreement with India
Recognising the huge potential and opportunities in trade and investments, Central American nation Costa Rica seeks Preferential Trade Agreement with India.
Costa Rica signs FTA with South Korea
Costa Rica became the second Central American country to enter a FTA with South Korea, that will give immediate access without tariffs to 80% of Costa Rican products.
Costa Rica legislators approve TLC with Korea
Negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Korea was begun by the Chinchilla administration (2010-2014), completed in 2016 and now only requires the President’s signature to go into force.
Costa Rica wins case against investors’ beach front property
ICSID tribunal rules Costa Rica was in its right to stop a tourist construction project on the Pacific coast that violated environmental laws.