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Ecuador is 4th Latin American country to sign China trade deal
Ecuador became the fourth Latin American country to sign a trade agreement with China, which since last year displaced the United States as its main non-oil trading partner.
Ecuador and China will sign significant trade agreement on May 10
Ecuador and China will sign a trade agreement between the two countries on May 10, the signing of the treaty will be done virtually in simultaneous ceremonies in Quito and Beijing.
Korea, Ecuador begin new round of talks for bilateral trade deal
Korea and Ecuador began their ninth round of talks on the establishment of a bilateral free trade deal.
Costa Rica and Ecuador sign trade agreement
The deal focuses on goods exports, plus facilitating discussions on best practices for gender-related issues in trade, workers’ rights, environmentalism and corporate responsibility.
Ecuador-Canada Free Trade Agreement: a new attack on communities, Indigenous peoples, and the environment
A Free Trade Agreement between Ecuador and Canada is not in the interests of Indigenous peoples, territories or the environment. The FTA will only be another instrument of corporate power, wielded by the national elites to deepen the rationale for devastation.
China, Ecuador conclude FTA negotiation; both sides will strive to sign the deal as soon as possible: MOFCOM
China has concluded free trade agreement (FTA) negotiation with Ecuador, and the two sides will continue following works involving legal document review, translation, and implement domestic procedures needed by each country to sign the FTA as soon as possible.
Potential Canada-Ecuador trade pact to navigate tricky investment protections field
Controversial ISDS provisions are trumpeted for protecting Canadian foreign investments, but are panned for allowing companies to sue countries.
Ecuador reaches trade deal with China, aims to increase exports, Lasso says
Ecuador President said the country has sealed a free trade deal with China, an agreement expected to increase exports and boost growth in the South American country’s industrial sector.
Canada to explore a free-trade agreement with Ecuador, in fresh run at lessening reliance on US, China
Canada has been negotiating a trade agreement with the Pacific Alliance, which includes Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and soon Ecuador, since 2017
S. Korea, Ecuador hold new round of talks for bilateral trade deal
South Korea and Ecuador on Monday began an eighth round of talks on the formation of a bilateral free trade deal, Seoul’s trade ministry said. If the deal is reached, South Korea will be the first Asian country to have a free trade agreement with Ecuador.
US, Ecuador to discuss expansion of trade ties
The US and Ecuador have agreed to explore expanding a protocol on trade rules and transparency that went into effect in August 2021.
Ecuador makes progress in FTA negotiations with Costa Rica
For Ecuador, reaching an FTA with Costa Rica is key in its strategy to consolidate the country’s position in the Central American market where it already has trade agreements with Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
S. Korea, Ecuador hold new round of talks for bilateral trade deal
South Korea and Ecuador began a seventh round of talks on the formation of a bilateral free trade deal, the trade ministry here said.
Ecuador to sign a free trade agreement with China this year
Ecuador’s Production, Trade, and Investments Minister Julio Jose Prado announced that the administration of President Guillermo Lasso seeks to achieve a free trade agreement (FTA) with China this year.
Petro wants FTA with US repenned
Colombia’s President-elect and US Ambassador to Bogotá met to discuss common goals with the incoming administration which might include renegotiating the Free Trade Agreement signed ten years ago between the two countries.
S. Korea, Ecuador to resume official talks for trade deal in 6 years
South Korea and Ecuador will resume official talks on the formation of a bilateral free trade deal Monday after a six-year hiatus, Seoul’s trade ministry said.
Ecuador and Mexico move closer to a trade deal in ninth round of talks
Ecuador and Mexico made "substantial progress" toward a Productive Integration Agreement in the ninth round of negotiations held May 23 to 27 in Quito.
Uruguay and Ecuador discuss possible bilateral trade agreement
The Presidents of Ecuador and Uruguay exchanged views on ”the possibility of starting to deal with a bilateral trade agreement.“
Ecuador sees trade deal with China at end of year, debt talks to begin
Ecuador expects to pull together a trade deal with China at the end of this year and will begin formal debt re-negotiations with the Asian country.
China, Ecuador explore FTA talks, sign MOU on investment and economic cooperation
China and Ecuador are actively exploring the negotiation of a free trade agreement and have completed a feasibility study on the issue.