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Ecuador podcast: NAFTA’s 30th anniversary
Special edition on the 30th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement that came into force in 1994 and inspired many free trade agreements that were subsequently signed around the world.
Victories in the global movement against corporate globalization
For half a century, the ISDS system has allowed multinational corporations to run off with billions of taxpayers dollars while allowing them to undermine environmental standards, public health protections, financial regulations, and other sound policies throughout the world.
China-Ecuador free trade agreement effective from May 1: MOFCOM
The free trade agreement (FTA) between China and Ecuador will be effective from May 1, China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) said on Monday, aiming to further unleash the potential of trade and investment cooperation between the two countries.
Human rights organizations sound alarm as Canada-Ecuador trade talks get underway
Surging violence surrounding Canadian mining projects in Ecuador should raise red flags for the Canadian government as it commences trade talks with the Ecuadorian government.
China-Ecuador free trade agreement to take effect on May 1
The free trade agreement between China and Ecuador will go into effect on May 1 as both countries have completed respective domestic approval processes.
Why people of Ecuador were right to keep the corporate courts out
In a referendum, Ecuador voted to keep its constitutional ban on using international arbitration and investor-state dispute settlement mechanisms.
Ecuador said “no” to international arbitration: a sovereign decision with international resonance in the fight against ISDS
April 21st has been a historic day. The Ecuadorian people voted massively NO in the referendum question about whether Ecuador should return to arbitration.
Canada pushes for more mining in Ecuador despite resistance
The Canadian and Ecuadorian governments continue to forge ahead with free trade agreement plans, despite opposition from social movements and Indigenous Peoples within Ecuador, along with rampant instability.
Between sovereignty and corporate interests: what is at stake in the Ecuadorian referendum?
On 21 April 2024, the government of Daniel Noboa is holding a referendum in Ecuador to amend the country’s constitution and, in particular, to reactivate the dangerous investor-state dispute settlement mechanism.
How a documentary film can help UNCITRAL Working Group III think through ISDS reform
A documentary film offers a powerful illustration of the ways in which ISDS can impact third parties, exacerbate inequalities, and reinforce power imbalances.
100 organizations from around the world call on Ecuador to defend its sovereignty against international arbitration: No to ISDS!
Various organisations express their support for Ecuador’s rejection of international arbitration tribunals in a gesture of international solidarity.
Mexico: follow Honduras or Ecuador?
The question for the next government is: will it continue the neoliberal model under the FTAs ​​and BITs that pledge our sovereignty in courts like the ICSID?
Ecuador’s "shock doctrine" referendum on ISDS
The Ecuadorian President is using the cover of internal conflict to bring investor-state dispute settlement back to Ecuador, in what a former Constitutional Court member calls a "democratic disaster."
Trade deal could put corporate profits over people, say groups
A proposed Canada-Ecuador free trade agreement could put corporate interests above citizens’ rights, say several concerned organizations.
Ecuador’s parliament ratifies free trade agreement with China
The National Assembly of Ecuador, the country’s unicameral legislature, ratified a free trade agreement with China.
Anti-China sentiment could sink a free trade deal with Ecuador
The ratification of the Ecuador-China Free Trade Agreement, signed in 2022, faces significant hurdles in the nation’s National Assembly, as the dissolution of the assembly by President Lasso and subsequent snap elections, along with concerns about transparency and public engagement during the negotiation process.
Ecuador-China free trade agreement poses serious environmental risks, critics say
The focus of concern has been the waste that Ecuador would receive from China, including pharmaceutical products, electrical parts, batteries, scrap metal, single-use plastics, glass and contaminated liquids.
How wealthy corporations use investment agreements to extract millions from developing countries
When Ecuador placed a windfall tax on foreign oil operations, French and U.S. companies filed claims—and were awarded more than $800 million.
Ecuador says it has won international arbitration, will avoid $198 million payment to Worley
Ecuador’s procurator said the country has won an international arbitration and will not be liable to pay $198 million to engineering firm Worley International Services over oil project contracts.
Ecuador and the Dominican Republic will negotiate a trade agreement
Ecuador and the Dominican Republic signed a memorandum of understanding to begin negotiations to achieve a bilateral trade agreement, government sources from the Andean nation reported.