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News from the movements

US government seeks to dismiss Keystone XL pipeline case, while taxpayers have already spent $250,000 to NAFTA arbitration tribunal
The State Department requested the $15 billion case be thrown out on jurisdictional grounds, as President Joe Biden revoked the permit for the pipeline on his first day in office, long after the US-Mexico Canada Agreement was in effect.
Preliminary analysis of the IPEF chapter on good regulatory practice
The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) seeks to impose a structure, set of procedures and criteria to govern the Parties’ regulatory decision making at the central government level.
Energy Charter Treaty: How it drove up the costs of the German coal phase-out
This briefing highlights the role the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) has played in the German coal phase-out. It reveals that the ECT has influenced the coal phase-out in two important ways.
Canada ISDS roundup
Just before Christmas, Canadian copper miner First Quantum, in an ongoing spat with the Panamanian government over royalties, launched two ISDS cases against the state.
Memorandum submitted by Forum Kedaulatan Makanan Malaysia (Malaysia Food Sovereignty Forum) regarding the CPTPP
We who signed this memorandum would like to express concern about Malaysia’s participation in and ratification of the CPTPP which will have a large negative impact on farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen as well as on the food security and sovereignty of Malaysians in the future.
IPEF is prosperity for the TNCs, degrades peoples’ interests
With the pressing issues of rising prices of basic commodities, the declining real wages and purchasing power of workers, and the destruction of local agriculture, the IPEF and its Four Pillars will degrade the lives of the people and the planet.
“We reject the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework!”
APWLD members and partners attending the APWLD Convening on Trade and Corporate Power in Asia Pacific in Chiang Mai, Thailand stand together to oppose the IPEF which is currently on its first round of negotiations in Australia.
The new trade agreement between Chile and the EU must be stopped
Joint statement by the Platform "Chile without Free Trade Agreements" network, MPs and social organizations.
NTW on IPEF for Brisbane 10 Dec 2022
Māori communities will be impacted upon by almost every pillar of IPEF. We will therefore be monitoring closely and exercising influence over all those elements.
Civil society/NGO contacts for IPEF ministerial, Brisbane, Australia, December 12-15, 2022
IPEF looks nothing other than these new age ’spheres of political influence’ that replace cold war alliances. Calling it ’not a typical trade deal’ is at one level just a spin with free trade agreements written all over the initiative.
EU-India free trade deal will undermine India’s development
Ongoing FTA negotiations will adversely impact farmers, fishers, patients, traders and impinge on a progressive digital industrialisation strategy.
Women’s rights organisations and allies oppose the gender "upskilling initiative" as an IPEF carrot
IT for Change, Public Services International (Asia & Pacific) and Third World Network, with the undersigned women’s rights organisations, labour unions, and allies, oppose the use of Big Tech “upskilling” initiatives for women to encourage countries to sign on to the IPEF.
A mining lawsuit in Guatemala shows how trade courts put big corporations first
Local resisters are calling for a different economic model — one that prioritizes clean water and soil, healthy communities, peace, dignity, and self-determination.
209 Civil Society Organisations say: EU trade deals must not undermine democratic rights
We civil society organizations vehemently oppose the splitting of trade deals, which would circumvent existing concerns about the negative implications of these deals on biodiversity, climate change and human rights issues.
US may face $15 billion penalty for rejection of Keystone XL pipeline
The Keystone XL pipeline sparked a movement of activism to put people and the climate over Big Oil. After more than a decade of relentless protests and legal battles, President Joe Biden halted the dangerous pipeline on his first day in office.
The US-driven Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) for Prosperity: TPPA in drag or a vacuous vanity project?
When the US launches a high level and concerted re-branding exercise, something big is happening. The latest target is the “Asia-Pacific” region, now to be known as the “Indo-Pacific”.
Statement on ISDS and climate
Civil society organisations are calling on governments to remove the threat that ISDS poses to the climate. The following statement outlines our primary concerns and demands. We seek to put pressure on our governments as they meet at COP 27 in November 2022.
What Lula’s victory in Brazil should mean for the EU-Mercosur trade deal
After Bolsonaro, the European Commission, as well as some governments and industries in Europe will see an opportunity to push through the EU-Mercosur trade deal. But the agreement would be the exact opposite of what the Amazon needs.
MSF responds to UK’s disastrous proposal on intellectual property in UK-India Free Trade Agreement
UK IP demands contain provisions that would drastically harm access to affordable, lifesaving generic medicines from India, upon which millions of people around the world rely.
Free trade agreements: Mexico. How to get out of corporate submission?
We have produced a detailed study/story of NAFTA, with its eternal wake of treatises and agreements, its effects, and the tools to analyse and organise resistance against the impacts of FTAs.