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FTAs (texts of)

free trade agreements (access to texts of)

US-Korea FTA (2007): Korean summary of agreement
The following is a summary of the free trade agreement (FTA) reached between South Korea and the United States Monday.
US-Panama FTA (2007)
Draft as of 19 January 2007
China-Pakistan FTA (2006)
Australia-China Trade and Economic Framework (2003)
Framework agreement establishing basis to study feasibility of a bilateral FTA
India Trade Agreements
Links to India’s trade agreements
US-Colombia FTA (2006)
This text reflects the agreement reached between the United States and Colombia on February 27, 2006.
Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (draft, 2003)
Working draft of the agreement as of 21 April 2003
Investment text proposed by US to Thailand (2006)
Draft investment chapter of US-Thailand FTA as proposed by US
US-Colombia FTA (2006): Summary of the agreement
USTR’s summary of the US-Colombia free trade agreement concluded on 27 February 2006.