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EU-Canada FTA (CETA) - consolidated text of the Investment and Services Chapter

This Consolidated CETA text of the Investment and Services Chapter from 13.1.2010 had been available on the internet but has been removed or websites were it has been published are for unclear reasons now longer available.

Please note that the text contains concrete provisions of investor to state arbitration.

It also contains provisions on "Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Health, Safety and Environmental" but they are very limited and read as follows:

Article X.12: Health, Safety and Environmental Measures

The Parties recognize that it is inappropriate to encourage investment by relaxing domestic health, safety or environmental measures. Accordingly, a Party should not waive or otherwise derogate from, or offer to waive or otherwise derogate from, such measures as an encouragement for the establishment, acquisition, expansion or retention in its territory of an investment of an investor. If a Party considers that the other Party has offered such an encouragement, it may request consultations with the other Party and the two Parties shall consult with a view to avoiding any such encouragement.

Article X.13: Corporate Social Responsibility

Each Party should encourage enterprises operating within its territory or subject to its jurisdiction to voluntarily incorporate internationally recognized standards of corporate social responsibility in their practices and internal policies, such as statements of principle that have been endorsed or are supported by the Parties. These principles address issues such as labour the environment, human rights, community relations and anti-corruption. The Parties remind those enterprises of the importance of incorporating such corporate social responsibility standards in their practices and internal policies.