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Almaden to pursue international arbitration against Mexico; moves to drop Mexican lawsuits
Almaden Minerals Ltd. has taken the decision to submit its claims to arbitration against the United Mexican States under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.
World Bank tribunal rules against Canadian miner in legal dispute with Colombia
The World Bank’s ICSID ruled in favour of Colombia in a feud with Canada’s Montauk Metals after finding that the mining ban imposed by the Gustavo Petro administration on the Santurbán moor does not violate the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement signed in 2008.
Uruguayan State requested hefty sum in damages over Montevideo Port deals
Chilean and Canadian partners of the Montecon consortium handling operations in the port of Montevideo have started an arbitration process for “damages and losses” worth up to US$ 600 million against the Uruguayan State.
UK urges Canada to ratify its entry into Pacific trade pact
A British trade official called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to ratify the UK’s entry into a Pacific trade deal by the end of the year, despite opposition from some Canadian agriculture groups.
NAFTA panel orders rethink on softwood lumber duties
B.C. forests minister says NAFTA panel ruling positive, but doesn’t end softwood lumber dispute.
India-Canada FTA talks unlikely to resume soon
The negotiations may not restart anytime soon unless political issues between both countries find a resolution.
Human rights organizations sound alarm as Canada-Ecuador trade talks get underway
Surging violence surrounding Canadian mining projects in Ecuador should raise red flags for the Canadian government as it commences trade talks with the Ecuadorian government.
Canada pushes for more mining in Ecuador despite resistance
The Canadian and Ecuadorian governments continue to forge ahead with free trade agreement plans, despite opposition from social movements and Indigenous Peoples within Ecuador, along with rampant instability.
Economy ministry reveals details of updated Canada-Ukraine FTA
The updated Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement includes special new chapters on cross-border trade in services, financial services, investment.
UK says rules of origin deal with Canada probably won’t be extended
Britain said that post-Brexit trade arrangements with Canada that enable its carmakers to avoid high tariffs there were likely to expire next week, marking the latest deterioration in trade ties between the historic allies.
France delays new EU-Canada trade deal vote after Senate setback
The French government will delay holding another vote on the European Union’s free-trade deal with Canada, after an embarrassing setback in the Senate.
Macron may ignore the French Parliament if CETA is rejected
With the French Senate rejecting the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), and the National Assembly possibly doing the same, just ahead of the European elections, Macron’s government could ignore the parliament’s decision.
French senators reject EU-Canada free-trade deal
France’s Sénat overwhelmingly voted against a free-trade agreement between the European Union and Canada after an unusual alliance in the upper house between left- and right-wing opponents of French President Emmanuel Macron.
Panama update
Orla Mining is exploring all legal remedies available to protect its investments in respect of the Cerro Quema Project. The company intends file a notice of intent to arbitrate under the Panama-Canada Free Trade Agreement.
France faces high-risk vote on EU-Canada free trade deal
The French government faces a risky vote on a controversial trade deal between the EU and Canada in the Senate where an unlikely alliance between left and right hopes to torpedo the pact.
Senate passes updated Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement without support of Tories
The Senate has passed a bill to implement Canada’s updated free trade agreement with Ukraine, paving the way for it to become law.
Almaden provides corporate update
Almaden delivered to Mexico written notice of its intention to submit a claim to arbitration against Mexico under the CPTPP.
French parliament split ahead of EU-Canada trade agreement vote
French parliamentarians are sharply divided on whether or not to ratify the EU-Canada free trade agreement, following farming protestors’ heavy condemnation of trade measures that they argue create unfair competition.
Update: Progress on 6 Thai FTAs now under negotiation
Thailand is negotiating 11 free trade agreements, including five related to upgrading existing FTAs along with developing six new FTAs as the kingdom aims to expand trade and investment with key trading partner countries near and distant.
Romania wins legal battle against a Canadian miner over failed plans to open a gold mine
The Romanian government has won a years long legal dispute with a Canadian mining company seeking damages over failed plans to open a gold and silver mine in the Eastern European country.