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Honest Tony, peace broker
Rather than rebuke Israel, the UK and its fellow EU member states are actually sitting down today with Israeli representatives in Brussels to seal the continuation of the EU-Israel association agreement. The agreement grants Israel important trading preferences for its exports into the EU, even though these are supposedly conditional on respect for human rights from both sides.
Myanmar an obstacle as EU pushes for FTA with Southeast Asia
The European Union wants to strike a free-trade agreement (FTA) with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), but human rights issues in Myanmar could be a problem, EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson has said.
Yes Mr. Solana, the EU has abandoned the Palestinian people
If Solana wants to demonstrate genuine support for the Palestinians he can start by calling for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, in accordance with its Article 2 which grants Israel trade privileges only on condition that it respects human rights.
CJI calls for full implementation of the human rights and democracy clause in Article 2 of the Lebanese-European Association Agreement
The Campaign for Judicial Integrity (CJI), a Lebanese policy and advocacy group active in promoting reform of the Lebanese judiciary and legal profession, urged the European Union to give the highest priority for the full implementation of the human rights and democracy clause in Article 2 of the Lebanese-European association agreement before fiscal reform and tax increases.
Punishing the victim: PCHR position paper on the decision to stop international aid to the Palestinian National Authority
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights says that the EU has failed to enforce Article 2 of its Association Agreement with Israel and suspend the privileges given to Israel until it fulfills its obligations on human rights and democracy.
Trade-related intellectual property rights, access to medicines and human rights - Morocco
The briefing calls for an independent human rights impact assessment of the effect of intellectual property rules in the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on access to medicines and the enjoyment of human rights in Morocco.
Free trade agreement - time to criticise big brother
What message does it send to the world when we unquestioningly enter into an agreement with a country who seeks to change the rules of the international game in order to win?
Powerful NGO wants open talks
Thailand’s National Human Rights Commission yesterday asked the government to suspend talks on a free-trade agreement with the United States and to disclose what is being negotiated.
International trade, health and children’s rights - Thailand
in December 2005 3D published a country briefing entitled “International trade, health and children’s rights - Thailand” which raises concerns regarding Thailand’s Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations and their impact on children’s rights.
GCC-EU free trade talks make progress on issues
The European Union and the GCC wound up talks on a long stalled free trade deal yesterday without agreement on opening up the region’s lucrative services sector.
Of rice and men
For US and Thai trade negotiators meeting next week in Montana, intellectual property rights protections for plant breeders and pharmaceutical innovators are proving to be the most contentious issues in negotiating a Thailand-US Free Trade Agreement (TUSFTA).
Syria chides activists over EU pact comments
The Syrian government has taken prominent human rights activists to task for calling on the EU not to sign a billion-dollar trade deal with Damascus due to its poor human rights record.
Human rights ’not on table’ in China FTA
Trade Minister Mark Vaile says the Government will not "sell out" human rights issues to get a better deal on a free trade agreement with China.
Racism, rights ’could hurt China FTA’
Racism and left wing politicians focusing on human rights could threaten a proposed free trade deal between Australia and China, a new report says.
China human rights not FTA issue: Downer
Australia should not try to raise human rights issues with China if formal talks about a free trade agreement begin, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says. "You won’t get the free trade agreement and you won’t get any improvements in human rights."
Japan, Philippines agree to speed up work to sign FTA
Japan and the Philippines have agreed to speed up work to sign a bilateral free trade agreement and compared notes over Japan’s plan to tightening immigration control over Philippine nationals.
Colombia: 50,000 Indigenous People march for basic rights
A tandem bicycle with a loudspeaker moves back and forth from one end of the massive indigenous protest march to the other, as the 50,000 demonstrators make their way along the Pan-American highway to the city of Cali in southwestern Colombia.
BITs: "arms of massive destruction" against national and international public law and human rights law
Written statement submitted by Europe Centre - Third World, non-governmental organization with general consultative status and the American Association of Jurists, nongovernmental organization with special consultative status.