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Congo set to offer tax facility to UAE investors
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will offer a tax facility to the UAE investors and sign an agreement to protect investments and boost bilateral trade between the two countries, says its President.
IMF deal, CPFTA-II may hit manufacturing sector
The new tax measures being agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) coupled with the negative impact of China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement-II (CPFTA-II) are likely to hit the country’s already poorly performing manufacturing sector.
The launch of a book on the impact of ICSID on human rights
In its introduction the book explains how international financial institutions act like tailors charged with fitting out transnationals with tailor-made suits.
Widening inequality: IMF acknowledges downsides of globalization
Korean government officials are trying to downplay concerns by anti-globalization and anti-FTA protesters including farmers that the Korea-US trade deal may lead to subjugation of the Korean economy to the United States. But a recent IMF report says that technology and foreign investment are worsening income inequality around the world.