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More Japanese investors eye Vietnam
Many of the over 170 Japanese businesses present at a June 7 workshop in Tokyo on the Vietnam investment climate have spoken of their possible projects in the Southeast Asian market.
Japan urges Indonesia to finalize investment list
Indonesia needs to finalize the negative lists of investment from Japan because any delay could potentially hamper the signing of the long-awaited Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), a Japanese envoy said Thursday.
FTA to spur RoK investment into VN
Republic of Korea (RoK)’s firms are set to invest further into Viet Nam’s booming economy after a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two nations comes into effect on June 1, according to a report issued by the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).
NAFTA Chapter 11 investor-state disputes
Table of all disputes and their status as of 1 March 2007
Pak-US investment treaty in doldrums
The proposed Pak-US Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) is in the doldrums as the two sides have differences in certain areas and are showing no flexibility in their stances.
The ultimate risks of water privatization
MNCs can always refer to Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) to which Indonesia is a party and use the "umbrella clause" in the BIT to transform a problem that was originally a contractual dispute into an international investment dispute.
India looks for key to Nafta in Mexico
India is all set to sign a bilateral investment protection agreement (BIPA) with Mexico on May 21. This will be first such agreement with a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).
Torched accord
A recently spawned legal battle between Slovakia and Madeta, the Czech Republic’s largest dairy processor, has led to a discovery that, for the past 10 years, Slovakia has not honored a trade agreement signed between the countries during the Velvet Divorce.
Talks on Pak-Czech investment treaty under way
Prime Minister of Czech Republic Mirek Topolanek has assured Pakistan that being the European Union member, Prague would play its role in strengthening Islamabad’s relations and striking a Free Trade Agreement with the bloc.
Bolivia notifies World Bank of withdrawal from ICSID, pursues BIT revisions
Investment Treaty News has learned that Bolivia has sent a formal notice to the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) declaring its withdrawal from the ICSID convention.
Qatar, Netherlands set to sign trade deals; LNG in focus
Qatar and the Netherlands may soon sign investment protection as well as double taxation avoidance agreements as part of efforts to improve economic and political relations between them.
Ecuador not renewing pact with US
Ecuador’s new leftist president has decided not to renew a bilateral investment treaty with the United States, the country’s foreign minister said Monday, just days before a senior US official is due to visit.
Japan PM’s Middle East tour
Abe agreed with leaders of five Middle East nations to strengthen bilateral relations with Japan on a wide range of areas, including politics, culture and environment as well as energy, trade and investment.
Challenging corporate investor rule
How the World Bank’s investment court, free trade agreements, and bilateral investment treaties have unleashed a new era of corporate power and what to do about tt
Foreign investors gone wild
When Bolivian President Evo Morales took office in January 2006, he pledged to follow through on his campaign pledge to increase Bolivians’ share of revenues from their major source of foreign income, natural gas. International gas companies, however, threatened to sue. Previous Bolivian governments had signed a flurry of bilateral investment treaties that gave foreign investors the right to bypass domestic courts and file such lawsuits through international tribunals. Morales complained that these rules made him feel like a “prisoner” in the presidential palace.
US plans to proceed to free trade agreement with Pakistan
US intends to go ahead to Free Trade Agreement with Pakistan after striking a mutual investment deal with Pakistan.
Latin leftists mull quitting World Bank arbitrator
Bolivia and Venezuela, both nationalizing huge swathes of their economies, should quit a World Bank body that arbitrates between foreign investors and states, Bolivia’s president said on Sunday.
Why investment matters: The political economy of international investments
Kavaljit Singh explains the central role of transnational corporations (TNCs) and other key players in determining investment patterns. He debunks some of the myths surrounding investment flows, and he suggests ways in which investment can be brought back under the democratic control of people and governments.
Pakistan, Russia to finalize bilateral investment treaty: PMs
Pakistan and Russia Thursday agreed to finalize a bilateral investment treaty and agreement on avoidance of double taxation with an objective to expand their trade and economic ties.