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BRICS in Africa: more of the same? Pacs’ study compares investment treaties between the BRICS and African countries
The BRICS Group was born in the century XXI with renewed expectations of changes in the world order through greater participation of the Global South. However, what we have witnessed so far is the consolidation of a new/old unequal world order.
Nigeria and Morocco move towards a “new generation” of bilateral investment treaties
The treaty is an important attempt by two developing countries to move toward a new generation of BITs fully aligned with the evolution of international law.
Is international investment law moving the ball forward on IHRL obligations for business enterprises?
While the debate on the treaty regulating business impact on human rights is likely to continue for a while longer, some recent developments in international investment law seem to be moving forward on international human rights law obligations for businesses
Withdrawal from investment treaties: An omen for waning investor protection in Asia-Pacific?
While India and Indonesia may have withdrawn from existing BITs, this does not necessarily leave foreign investors without any protection.
Morocco - Nigeria BIT (2016)
Morocco and Nigeria sign new investment treaty
Morocco and Nigeria signed a new investment treaty, which is a good illustration of the new “generation” of investment protection.
Ecuador’s Correa takes last stand of sovereignty against harmful investment pacts
Just days before his term ends, Rafael Correa said he will take a stand against agreements signed before the country’s Citizens Revolution.
Auditing Commission to release report as Ecuador moves to terminate investment agreements
Ecuador’s review of its investment agreements may be unique in terms of scope, depth and citizen participation, however it is a part of an international trend towards increased scepticism towards the international arbitration system.
Negotiations this week on EU-Myanmar Investment Protection Agreement
Negotiators discussed the EU’s reformed approach to investment protection and investment dispute resolution.
FinMin to look into changes sought by Canada in draft bilateral treaty
Enormous political pressure to get the bilateral, economic treaties off the ground, say officials.
The political motivations of the United States’ bilateral investment treaty program
The United States has largely used BITs as a foreign policy tool to improve relationships with strategically important countries in the developing world.
Dispute settlement becomes speculative financial asset
ISDS provisions of investment treaties, free trade and other agreements have increasingly provided an investment opportunity to make money by speculating on lawsuits.
Trump’s deficit crusade overshadows Xi’s investment treaty pitch
Trump wants to have something that can be delivered very quickly, whereas China hopes to push forward the BIT, which will set the framework in years to come.
Treating intellectual property as an investment, and subjecting it to treaty arbitration, can have undesirable impact
Free trade agreements tend to treat intellectual property as an investment made by investor corporations, allowing private investment disputes to be raised against the host country.
China offers concessions to avert trade war with U.S.: FT
China is prepared to raise the investment ceiling in the bilateral Investment treaty and is also willing to end the ban on U.S. beef imports.
India’s bilateral investment pacts under cloud
Most have expired; partners unwilling to renew them under Finance Ministry’s model draft
Japan activates investment agreement with Iran
The agreement covers a host of full and comprehensive issues in terms of encouraging and supporting investment in Iran and Japan.
Nigeria pushes for investment treaty with Japan
Government eager for expertise and capital from electronics and machinery makers.
Romania - the end of intra-EU bilateral investment treaties
The law approving the termination of agreements on mutual promotion and protection of investments concluded by Romania with other Member States (Intra-EU BITs) was published in the Official Gazette.
International investment law and arbitration: a conceptual framework
Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) has become the most controversial form of international litigation.