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Kuwait’s Agility gets favourable verdict on $380m Iraq funds
The Kuwaiti company Agility gets another opportunity to reclaim its legacy investment in an Iraqi telecom firm. The charges brought by Agility relate to more than $380 million in diverted funds.
World Bank body dismisses Agility’s claims against Iraq
Kuwaiti logistics company Agility’s claim to recover more than $380 million it said it lost in Iraq has been rejected by an international tribunal.
Orange begins legal proceedings against Iraq government
Orange Group has instituted legal proceedings against Iraq in an attempt to claw back more than USD 400 million in investments it alleges were expropriated by the country’s regulator.
Qatar seeks free trade deal with Iraq in meeting with PM
Qatar would like to sign a free trade agreement with Iraq to exchange, encourage, and protect investments between the two countries.
Iran urges implementation of Free Trade Agreement with Iraq
Head of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran Valiollah Afkhami Rad called for efforts to implement a free trade agreement with Iraq that officials from the two countries signed two years ago.
The ICSID Convention enters into force in Iraq
The ICSID Convention entered into force in Iraq on 17 December 2015. This comes after Iraq signed the ICSID Convention and deposited its instrument of ratification on 17 November 2015 to become the Convention’s 160th signatory State.
Japan-Iraq BIT (2012)
Jordan, Iraq sign free-trade agreement
Jordanian Prime Minister Nader Dahabi made a whirlwind visit Thursday to Baghdad, signing a free-trade agreement that Jordan hoped would serve as a catalyst for boosting trade with neighbouring Iraq
EU and Iraq in third round talks for trade and cooperation agreement
The European Union and Iraq are holding the third round of negotiations for a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) in Brussels from 27-29 November.
Iraq, Jordan to sign free-trade agreement
Iraq and Jordan are in talks for a free-trade agreement to boost commercial ties between the countries.
Iraq to sign trade agreement with EU, Foreign Minister says
Iraq Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari said that Iraq would shortly sign a trade agreement with the European Union (EU). The agreement would treat Iraq as a friendly country to the EU and give it priority in commercial exchanges, according to the Ministry.
Jordan expected to sign free trade agreement with Iraq
Jordan and Iraq are in the final stages of discussions over the signing of a free trade agreement.
Iraq, Iran set up free-trade zone
The southern Province of Basra now has a free-trade zone with neighboring Iran, signaling yet another boost in commercial ties.
Iraq eyes EU trade deal
Iraq’s new government plans to start immediately negotiating a trade and cooperation deal with the European Union, its foreign minister said Monday hailing a "new chapter" in ties with the bloc.
War support could win US contracts
Australia’s support of the US in Iraq could help local companies crack the huge US government contract market, an American consultant on the US-Australia FTA says.
US, Iraq sign trade and investment framework pact
The United States and Iraq have signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) to promote bilateral trade and help Iraq expand and diversify its economy.
Jordan seeks to sign free trade agreement with Iraq - Smadi
Jordan is keen to sign a free trade agreement with Baghdad and has already presented Iraq with the necessary draft.
War: Trade by other means: How the US is getting a free trade agreement minus the negotiations
On June 28, two days before the announced date of handover of power, the United States transferred political authority in Iraq, in a meeting so secret o­nly six people participated.
The Economic Colonization of Iraq: Illegal and Immoral
The Bush Administration is using the military invasion and occupation of Iraq to advance a corporate globalization agenda that is illegal under international law, has not been chosen by the Iraqi people and may ultimately prove to be even more devastating than twelve years of economic sanctions, two U.S.-led wars and one occupation. The Administration’s ultimate goal is to take the agenda to the entire region.