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PM again bats for EPA signed with Europe
Prime Minister Bruce Golding has again sought to allay fears that CARIFORUM countries may have given up more than they will gain from the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union.
Regional banana exporters uneasy as Latin America pressures EU
The Caribbean Banana Exporters’ Association (CBEA) is expressing grave concern that the European Union (EU) might bow to pressure from Latin American banana producing countries and reduce its 176 euros per tonne tariff for bananas from that region.
The gloves are off — Europe dismisses sugar, insults tourism ahead of ’make-or-break’ trade talks
Tempers flare as Caricom trade negotiators and the European Commission work with an October 15 deadline to initial an EU-Caribbean EPA
EU won’t demand ’duty-free’ access to Caribbean markets - Critical of Jamaica’s high cost of business
A European Union (EU) representative in Jamaica, moving to calm fears that duty-free goods from that region would storm the Caribbean come January 1, 2008 has said the 27-member bloc is not expecting full reciprocity on its blanket offer to eliminate duties on regionally-produced goods entering its market.
ALBA: A viable key to African diaspora self-determination
Author and former Jamaican public servant, Lloyd D. McCarthy, makes the case that both Claude McKay and Michael Manley would have supported the political and economic initiative called the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).
EU wants new deal with ACP partners
The European Union said it wants to complete new trade agreements with 78 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries by the end of the year despite opposition from developing countries.
Chavez urges Jamaica to join FTAA ’alternative’
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has urged Jamaica to join the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) - widely viewed as a counter to the US-sponsored Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).
EPA will provide more dynamic export market for Caribbean, say trade experts
Jamaican trade experts are confident that when the ongoing Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations between the European Union (EU) and the Caribbean Forum of ACP States (CARIFORUM) are completed by the end of the year, it will facilitate a more dynamic export market for Jamaica and the rest of the region.
Investment considerations
In recent months, there has been much ado about foreign investment considerations, though the issues have not always presented themselves directly, or exclusively, as investment questions. Some of them touch on significant Jamaican interests, so we need to be especially careful in our analysis.
Patterson, Fox agree to joint action on trade promotion
Jamaica and Mexico have agreed to joint action to promote bilateral trade and investment between the two countries, following discussions between Prime Minister PJ Patterson and Mexican president Vincente Fox yesterday.
Jamaica: Sugar protest
Trade unions which represent sugar industry employees plan to stage peaceful demonstrations outside the European Union delegation offices this week to help press Jamaica’s case for more time to adjust to Europe’s planned sharp reduction in the price it pays Caribbean countries for sugar.
US-Jamaica BIT (1997)