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Labour movement left out of EPA negotiations

Radio Jamaica | Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Labour movement left out of EPA negotiations

Senior Trade Union Leaders in the region are upset that the Caribbean Labour Movement was not afforded enough imput in shaping the European Union CARIFORUM Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) initialled last December.

The concern was voiced as heads of Caribbean workers’ organizations met in Barbados.

They are having three days of talks on the social and labour dimensions of the EPA and the CARICOM Single market and Economy (CSME) ahead of next month’s signing of the historic pact with the European Union.

President of the Caribbean Congress of Labour Jacqueline Jack said the views and interests of the region’s working class have been less than adequately represented in the EPA negotiation process.

"How much input did labour have in the preparations for the region’s position for these negotiations and secondly, what opportunities are there now even though the negotiations are over for the views of the working class to be aired," said Ms Jack.