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Guyana seeks clarity from EU before signing Samoa Agreement
While the Samoa Agreement comes into force at the start of 2024, Guyana has not yet signed on.
"We call upon Members of European Parliament to vote against the EU-Kenya EPA"
In an open letter signed by over thirty organisations from Kenya and the EU, civil society groups call on MEPs to vote against the agreement.
EU and Kenya sign ’historic’ partnership to boost investment, trade
Kenya and the European Union on Monday signed a long-negotiated trade agreement to increase the flow of goods between the two markets, as Brussels pursues stronger economic ties with Africa.
Jamaica signs Samoa Agreement
The Jamaican Government signed the Samoa Agreement at the headquarters of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) in Brussels, Belgium.
ACP-EU cooperation: the new Samoa agreement finally signed
The new agreement will be signed on November 15 and will constitute the framework for relations between the EU and 78 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.
Free trade and debt: the two sides of neocolonialism
Highlights from the workshop organised in Marrakesh by Attac Maroc,, CADTM Africa, GRAIN and the Tunisian Observatory of Economy.
Jamaica to delay signing Samoa Agreement, says Johnson Smith
The Government of Jamaica will delay its signing of the post-Cotonou Agreement in Samoa (Samoa Agreement) in order to facilitate ongoing consultations, says Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.
EU-Kenya Economic Partnership Agreement closer to approval
The EU-Kenya Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) has today taken a step towards approval, with the Commission sending to the Council proposals for its signature and conclusion.
Cameroon-EU EPA Awards: Large companies swoop prizes, confirms customs figures
On June 8, 2023, the European Union’s Commission announced the Cameroon-EU EPA Awards, a contest organized “to honor those who have taken up the challenge and are now benefiting from the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA)”
Cameroon: Large firms captured 86% of EPA tax gains in 5 years
The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Cameroon and the European Union benefited large enterprises the most, according to customs authorities. Those enterprises are mostly multinationals operating in the brewing, cement, chemical, and agribusiness industries.
New successor agreement to Cotonou accord to be signed in ’coming months’
A new accord will be officially signed in "the coming months" by the European Union (EU) and the 79-member Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), it has been officially announced.
EU-Kenya deal paints gloomy picture for EAC trade ties
Due to Kenya’s economic partnership agreement with the EU, it will be difficult for Uganda to differentiate similar goods coming from Kenya, from those manufactured in the EU.
Kenya-EU Economic Partnership Agreement: a closer look reveals limited progress
The journey of EPAs continues to unfold, with each chapter revealing new complexities and challenges. As negotiations progress, it remains crucial to monitor the evolving dynamics and their implications for trade relations between the EU and its partner countries.
See why Kenya’s new deal with the European Union is making the rest of East Africa uneasy
Concerned about a recent agreement Kenya and the European Union (EU) agreed into, the East African Business Council (EABC) is uneasy.
S&Ds: Equal partnership with Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Countries to address global challenges
After five days of intense debates, a vote on resolutions and visits on the ground, the 43rd session of the Joint Plenary Assembly among the African, Caribbean, Pacific Countries and the EU (JPA ACP-EU) has ended.
Kenya-EU trade deal: Why the East African Community was left out
Kenya’s President William Ruto hailed his country’s "remarkable partnership" with the European Union (EU) as the two sides inked a 25-year trade deal, but it has raised questions about East African unity.
EU-Kenya EPA text (June 2023)
The EAC: A customs union that isn’t.
Negotiations between the EU and EAC to establish an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) have revealed, very clearly, that the EAC is not a genuine customs union.
EU and Kenya conclude negotiations for an ambitious Economic Partnership Agreement
The EU and Kenya have announced today the political conclusion of the negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The Agreement will boost trade in goods and create new economic opportunities, with targeted cooperation to enhance Kenya’s economic development.