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Japan on verge of signing FTA
Australia is preparing to move ahead with a free-trade agreement next year with its most important trading partner, Japan, on the 50th anniversary of the ground-breaking treaty of commerce between the two countries.
Japan, Vietnam agree to start official FTA talks
Japan and Vietnam agreed on Friday to launch formal negotiations aimed at sealing a bilateral free trade agreement later this year.
Anti-FTA group urges govt to abandon FTAs
An activist group monitoring the Free Trade Area agreements between Thailand and other countries has urged the Government to stop negotiating now and give up plans to sign FTA accords with Japan and the United States.
Viet Nam, Japan start second FTA study session in Tokyo
Viet Nam and Japan began their second study session in Tokyo on April 26 to explore the possibility of signing a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
Diet steps closer to ratifying free-trade pact with Malaysia
The Diet cleared a free-trade agreement with Malaysia on Wednesday, bringing the pact one step closer to coming into force. To complete the ratification process, the Diet still needs to pass related bills concerning rules on product origin and tariff rates. In Malaysia, ratification does not require legislative measures, only administrative procedures.
FTA with Japan, China would hurt local fisheries sector: report
A free trade pact between South Korea, China and Japan could damage South Korea’s fisheries industry, a report said Wednesday.
Watchdog demands delay to talks
FTA Watch, a Thai civic group campaigning against free trade pacts, demanded an amendment to article 224 of Thailand’s constitution to clearly state that any bilateral trade deals be subject to parliament’s endorsement without conditions.
Japan proposes text on resources cooperation with Indonesia for FTA
Japan and Indonesia wrapped up their fourth round of negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement in Tokyo on Friday, with Japan proposing for the first time a draft clause in the FTA which calls for bilateral cooperation on mineral resources.
US Ambassador unhappy about Japan’s idea of East Asia FTA
US Ambassador to Japan Thomas Schieffer expressed concern on Wednesday about Japan’s idea to create a free trade zone in East Asia, claiming it could damage US regional interests.
Indonesia, Japan resume free trade negotiations
Indonesia and Japan began their fourth round of official negotiations for a bilateral trade and economic cooperation agreement Monday, and hope to reach a basic accord by the end of the year at the latest.
METI’s Asia-Oceania FTA pitch surprises but is predictable
Trade minister Toshihiro Nikai’s announcement earlier this month that Japan plans to start talks with 15 other nations in 2008 to create an Asia-Oceania free-trade zone took many by surprise — not only experts but also those within government — sparking speculation about the ministry’s true intentions.
Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (draft, 2003)
Working draft of the agreement as of 21 April 2003
Japan to be less demanding on FTAs with Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos
Japan will not demand as much market opening in negotiations on free trade agreements with Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, compared with talks with the more developed members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, it was learned Monday.
Asian FTA would simplify trade rules
Thai business leaders have welcomed a Japanese proposal to create an East Asian Free Trade zone to integrate economies in the region, but they were sceptical about whether Japan would liberalise its sensitive agricultural sector. If Japan’s idea comes true, they said, it would help countries in the region overcome the ’’spaghetti bowl’’ effect of proliferating bilateral free trade agreements with different trade rules.
Goff calls prospect of Asia FTA ’interesting’
Japan’s proposed Asian regional free trade agreement got tepid support today from Trade Minister Phil Goff, who told the Gateway to Asean Summit in Auckland that the plan was "consistent" with other activities already well underway.
Japan-China trade agreement opposed
Japan’s farm minister expressed scepticism toward the idea of a free trade pact with China, while its foreign minister said on Friday the two economic giants should avoid jockeying for power in the region.
New TRT government to proceed with FTA talks
Thailand’s new Thai Rak Thai government will proceed with the negotiations of free trade agreements.
Panel pushes 16-nation FTA in Asia, mulls boosting foreign workers
A government policy-setting panel on Friday welcomed a proposal by the trade minister to launch negotiations between Japan and its 15 Asian neighbors to create a free trade zone, and discussed whether to accept more foreign workers amid the aging of society, economic and fiscal policy minister Kaoru Yosano said.
Filipino and Japanese workers to lose out in JPEPA
Both Filipino and Japanese workers will lose out under the proposed Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) according to a report by Mr. Takemasa Ando, a researcher from Waseda University in Tokyo.
Japan, Saudi Arabia agree to launch FTA talks with GCC
Japan and Saudi Arabia agreed Thursday to launch negotiations on concluding a free trade agreement between Japan and the Gulf Cooperation Council, which consists of six oil producers in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Japanese officials said.