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Japan, Israel hold first joint research meeting on Economic Partnership Agreement
The first meeting of a possible Japan-Israel Economic Partnership Agreement was held online.
Cambodia aims at more FTAs to boost economic growth
The government is considering the establishment of more bilateral free trade agreements to access broader markets for Cambodia-made products.
Japan to continue discussions on trade deal with Mercosur
Japan will continue discussions on a proposed economic partnership agreement for free trade with the Mercosur trade bloc in South America, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said.
Bangladesh, Japan to conduct feasibility study for signing FTA
Bangladesh and Japan jointly announced the launching of a feasibility study on the future signing of a Free Trade Agreement.
Amendment in the US-Japan beef trade agreement to begin January 1, 2023
On June 2, 2022, the United States and Japan signed the Protocol to revise the beef safeguard mechanism under the USJTA which amends the beef safeguard trigger level with a new, three-trigger safeguard mechanism.
Israel and Japan take first steps toward free trade agreement
Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid agreed to move toward signing a free trade agreement with Japan. Lapid says an FTA between the two countries will mean discounts for products and goods from Japan for the benefit of the Israeli market and increasing Israeli exports to Japan, the third-largest economy in the world.
Steps for FTA with Japan underway
Bangladesh is working on getting either a free trade agreement (FTA) or economic partnership agreement (EPA) signed with Japan, the most promising export market in Asia, with the commerce ministry having already prepared a relevant memorandum of cooperation (MoC).
Japan and the European Union start negotiations to include provisions on the free flow of data into the Japan-EU EPA with the European Union
Japan and the European Union have been exchanging views on the reassessment of the need for including provisions on the free flow of data into the Japan-EU EPA.
Japan keen to ink FTA with Sri Lanka - Embassy official
Japan is keen to ink a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Sri Lanka to increase bilateral trade between the two countries, said Deputy Head of Mission Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka Katsuki Kotaro.
India to seek review of trade pact with Japan: Goyal
India will seek review of its free trade agreement with Japan during a meeting between Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal and his Japanese counterpart in Los Angeles.
Japan, Bahrain sign investment agreement
The bilateral agreement aims to further protect and promote investment between the contracting parties.
Dhaka, Tokyo to explore possibility of free trade agreement
Bangladesh and Japan have discussed issues related to initiating a joint study towards concluding a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
Bangladesh, Japan need to sign FTA: Japanese ambassador
Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Ito Naoki said both Bangladesh and Japan need to sign a free trade agreement as the majority of companies from both sides want such an engagement.
US-led Asia trade pact eyes clean energy, supply chains
US President Joe Biden has announced a new economic framework deal for Asia-Pacific designed to boost investment in clean energy infrastructure, drive decarbonisation efforts and strengthen regional supply chains.
EU and Japan agree on digital cooperation
The European Union and Japan have agreed on increased cooperation to develop digital technologies, cyber security and artificial intelligence.
Japan, Africa look to deepen trade ties
Japan is looking to expand its presence on the African continent, with trade and investment taking center stage during the Japan-Africa Public-Private Economic Forum held in Nairobi
US Indo-Pacific economic initiative launch eyed in May: Japan envoy
The US government aims to launch its Indo-Pacific economic engagement initiative around the time of President Joe Biden’s visit to Japan later in May.
Beef trade deal struck with Japan
New trigger mechanism keeps US beef on level playing field with other CPTPP countries as beef exports continue to rise.
Dhaka, Tokyo look for free trade agreement
Bangladesh and Japan would explore scopes for signing a free trade agreement for boosting bilateral trade, investment and economic cooperation.
Analyzing China’s TPP bid
China applied to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and some analysts see it as a Chinese declaration that even with the elimination of tariffs, the country’s products can hold their own now.