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TPP - Chile IPR proposal (2011)
TPP - NZ IPR proposal (2011)
EU-India FTA - IP chapter (draft Jul 2010)
Draft consolidated version of the IPR text in preparation for IPR discussions during the week of 12th July 2010 in Delhi.
EU-Central America FTA (2010)
The texts as they were agreed to at the final negotiation round in Madrid on 16-18 May 2010, now going through legal scrubbing.
EU-Canada FTA (CETA) - consolidated text of the Investment and Services Chapter
Consolidated CETA text of the Investment and Services Chapter as of at 13.1.2010
EU-Colombia-Peru FTA (2010)
As agreed to on 30 March 2010
EU-Canada FTA (CETA) - EC negotiating directive (proposal of April 2009)
Explanatory memorandum in English and French. Text of proposed negotiating mandate in Spanish.
EU-India FTA - EC negotiating mandate (draft 2007)
Draft mandate for the EU negotiators, as of early 2007