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EU-Ukraine FTA (draft, 2012)

Kyiv Post | Dec. 5, 2012

Text of association agreement between EU, Ukraine

The Kyiv Post is publishing the association agreement initialed earlier this year between the European Union and Ukraine. The agreement has not yet been signed and ratified, steps needed to the agreement to fully enter into force.

The agreement is composed of a political part and another involving a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement, which will pave the way for a free trade zone between the EU and Ukraine.

If signed and ratified by all parties, the agreement will move Ukraine closer joining the 27-member union, which is Ukraine’s foreign policy priority. It will also put Ukraine on a clear path of European integration.

The agreement, in particular, points out that “the European Union acknowledges the European aspirations of Ukraine and welcomes its European choice.”

One of the aims of the agreement is “to promote gradual rapprochement between the parties based on common values and close and privileged links,” reads the nearly 1,000-page document. It also aims for closer economic ties, Ukraine’s integration in the EU internal market and sets a goal of “reinforcing the rule of law and the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

In order to be signed by the EU, Ukraine has to meet several preconditions. These were free and fair Oct. 28 parliamentary elections, solving the problem of selective justice and returning to the path of economic reforms.

The text was obtained an unofficial source who requested anonymity because of lack of authorization to make the document public.

 source: Kyiv Post